The United States had its warmest January on record,

This was from The Washington Post:

During the month the jet stream, a strong high-altitude wind that guides weather fronts from west to east, stayed unusually far to the north, keeping the coldest air in Canada and Alaska, the agency said.

Keeping that cold air to the north allowed mild Pacific air to moderate temperatures across the contiguous states, leading to the warm conditions.

However, the jet stream is now sliding into a more typical winter pattern, according to the Climate Prediction Center. The February outlook calls for below-normal temperatures in the mid-Atlantic, the Southeast and intermountain West, and above-normal temperatures in the Southwest, the northern Plains and Alaska.

At least people did save on their heating bill this winter. I'm not looking forward to summer here in Central Texas. It's been warm enough during the winter, so I can just imagine waking up in the morning in June to 80 degree temps
Chris, thats not the ONLY thing I'm worried about. Talk about the lack of rain.. I'm sure the rationing during the summer will be unheard of..
The lack of rain is really hurting us. People saved on their heating bill like I said but now their water bill has gone up because they have to water their grass because it's so dry. IN JANUARY! Not to change the subject, but I watched the standoff on the news tonight in Dallas when the SWAT team supposedly threw a teargas canister into the apartment and it caught on fire. Good thing it wasn't a fire danger day in North Texas. They could have lost that thing quick. I'm used to not having cold weather around here because we never do. But month after month with no rain has to stop. I don't know what I'll do if I see rain again.
There's a hint of smoke smell in the air from a fire north of here on the Mogollon Rim. It's so rare to have a wildfire in February since the higher elevations are usually snowcovered that the fire is named, simply, the "February Fire". No precip in sight around here.