"The Dream" 2004 Chase Video

Mike Hollingshead


Yeah yeah yeah, I know I already released a video this year. I didn't want to remake it, but chose to with purchased audio. I made it a good 20 minutes shorter and added a new chase, lol. It's pretty fast paced now, other then the intro and ending. The digital stills section is also better I think as I increased the resolution.

It's an entirely different video now, so I figured I had better link it as such on here.
Your a brave man Mike, what with all these riot conditions going on with chaser video releases! :D

Haven't seen your's yet, but knowing you, I am betting it's top notch!
This is an awesome video. Mike always has a way of getting the best photos out of a storm. "The Dream" shows he has some serious artistic talent. This is not your ordinary chase video. It plays more like a movie and the intro will have you hooked.

Great job Mike. Everyone should have this video.
I put up a temporary preview clip for anyone who might want to see it. It's hard to even call it a preview clip, but it's some of what is on the vid.


It probably won't be on there very long. It's a hidden link so this is the only place you will find the link.
Good Video

I do want to say something about Mike H's video. I bought his "Plains Gone Wild" version earlier this year. And I enjoyed it throughly. But it wasn't until I've seen several other chasers' videos that I've come to realize that Mike H's video quality is really, REALLY GOOD!!

Some of the other chasers (they will remain nameless at this point) have marketed videos that shows a lack of imagination and work on their parts. I've gotten videos that looks like a raw feed right straight from their cameras to the DVDs. Some vids had the hand-held camera so shaky, it really hurt my eyes trying to focus on the cloud structure and movement. Some had basically little/no comments or music soundtracks to keep the viewer entertained.

Mike H's videos shows excellent film work and editing. His use of tripods when he was parked and camera mounts when he was chasing was excellent. I like his way of reprising a storm chase with vid grabs and time lapse motions. If I thought the "Plains Gone Wild" was really good, I can't imagine what he did to make this newer version better.

In fact, right after I finish this post, I'm going to go back and buy "The Dream" video. This will keep me happy and SDS-free all winter long!!

Mike, thanks for sharing your 2004 chase season with us!! LJK

Edit: I wanted to tell you, Mike, that my wife complimented you on your music selections for the video. She's into New Age music and she loved the music you picked out. She was almost ready to go storm chasing with me. Yikes!! LJK.
Well, it's almost 5:00 in the morning and your probably wondering what I am doing up so late. The reason is because I just watched Mike's video two times in a row. The sad part is that I am tempted to watch it again because it's so good. WOW! WOW! WOW! This is a breathtaking piece of art that I wish I could hang on my wall in some form if there was a way to do so. I still have a huge grin on my face and I finished watching the video more than 30 mintues ago! Thanks for the top of the line entertainment. I believe the work done while making a DVD should dictate the price and $25 is a steal for the quality of this DVD. GREAT JOB!

Absolutely fantastic Mike,


Mike, I also have a complaint about your DVD; When I watch The Dream it makes me wanna chase so bad that I wanna cry. Its not a good remedy for SDS in my opinion. :D
This was a very interesting video, and I loved the concept behind the whole thing. The intro and ending was very cool, and for not having any professional help, it was done quite nicely. The encounters with tornadoes was satisfying as well, since Mike was not afraid to get close, yet not careless. The structure in the supercells featured were phenomenal, and I envy what he got to see in person those days. I enjoyed this video, and you would too!

Thanks Mike, great video!
Mike had an awesome season, and that certainly shines through on this DVD. This isn't the typical chase highlights video, which makes it quite interesting. Some awesome structure and awesome tornadoes make this an awesome video. Two thumbs up!
We just watched Mike's video last night, and I wanted to pass a few
comments on it as is tradition.

The editing...

Mike certainly surprised us with the quirky beginning to a chase
documentary - not at all like anything we've seen so far. It tells a
story, and has some really interesting editing/ideas.......I think Mike
will be going into the Directing business pretty soon......(Chasing? Bah!)

The music he uses throughout his production is thoughtful, tense,
atmospheric and very in-tune with the kind of storm he is portraying at
any given time (especially on the July 8th segment). But also - he
doesn't leave the music playing ALL THE TIME. You get tantalizing
snippets of "real" storm chase sounds too - he leaves it in there so you
don't become too detached from what's going on.

The video...

Mike knows his home state of Nebraska like the back of his hand - and this
DVD is a perfect example of what you CAN see if you chase your heart out
in your beloved home state. Of course, it helps to have a home state like
He caught many, MANY gems last year that only he saw (or perhaps him and
one other chaser or local) - and that has to feel pretty special.
Witnessing some of what he has seen must feel like seeing Mother Nature's
forbidden events......the ones that weren't meant for any human eyes.....


May 16 Holt County NE: Beautiful start to a tornado that sure wasn't on
my list from last year!!! It takes its time wrapping up, and just as Mike
is repositioning it puts down the most elegant but awe-inspiring
elephant's trunk you can get!

May 24 Chester NE: The tornadoes that so many saw, and so many missed!
We were a part of the "bust club" this day - and so here's another date
that we didn't score on last year. It's nice to see what Mike was seeing
that afternoon - as we hung out in quiescent Marysville KS! Beautiful
contrast on the largest, main tornado - and a dynamic corkscrew rope out
to wish for!!!

May 28 Crofton NE: Just a beautiful high-based supercell. What
unbelievable separation between updraft and core. If I had been in my
little Mazda that day - I would have had to fight the temptation to drive
right into that wall of precip.

June 13 Alvo NE: Not only one of THE most ridiculously structured storms
of the year last year - but some wispy tornadic vortices......I think this
was a high-based multi-vortex tornado - WOW! Do NOT take your eyes off of
this while watching.....you wouldn't want to miss the hypnotizing double-
helix intertwining vortices.....

July 12 Bartlett NE: 'Nuff said. I think this storm was Mike's crowning
glory for the 2004 season (although he might have other favourites I don't
know). I remember watching this storm on radar while it was stomping
through the Sandhills as I languished in baking central Oklahoma during
the summer. We thought "hey - that looks like a monster" - and hey -
wouldn't ya know it - it WAS!
The tornadogenesis/meso evolution of this storm is just as downright
incredible to watch as the actual cigar-shaped vortex (which IS
spectacular). Great contrast and one of the most interesting tornadic
events structure-wise I've seen from last year.

Well - I'm sure you all know I could go on forever but I have to stop
sometime. I've not even mentioned his couple of successful tornado-chases
in Iowa on this video......that's a whole other story.

Well done Mike - and congratulations on another great production.

Despite the lack of editing and music on our production - I hope you
enjoyed our video as much as we enjoyed yours.

Last words? Go order yourself a copy, of course!!: