Texas leading the way

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I am proud that Texas is leading the way in setting up shelters for the evacuees of N.O. 10,000 now in the Astrodome and others heading to Dallas and San Antonio.

My Emergency Services unit had been put on standby in case we were needed in Louisiana but now we are being deployed right here in Amarillo. the governor of Texas called the city at noon today and asked us to prepare a shelter to hold 1,000 people which we have done in our civic center. the convoy of buses will be arriving all night and we will be full by noon on saturday. I am told that other cities like Lubbock, Midland, Abilene, Wichita Falls have also been tapped as relief centers. The outpouring of support in the community has already been incredible. Especially from the local faith based groups.

The plan is to feed, house and give medical support until these people can be placed in volunteers houses or empty housing in the community including some of the smaller towns around Amarillo. this is more a plan to house them long term until they can get back on their feet and the feds can secure permanent housing for them.

Mostly I think these people just need somebody to talk to once they are clean and fed.

Proud to be able to help hands on :)
The people of Texas and their leaders deserve the respect of the entire country for this. It seems that only they and Haley Barbour of Mississippi have an understanding of the enormity of the situation, and have taken quick action when called on.
I havent really liked our governor Rick Perry because of so many things like school finance not being taken care of but he has become a big leader in this disaster. Our own little Guliani. He immediately opened the Astrodome and hasnt stopped opening up places all over the state to take care of our neighbors. He is acting like a leader more now than he has ever shown capable of in the past.

The buses stopped coming from the Superdome and so we are still waiting on the evacuees to arrive in Amarillo with no ETA given. We were not told why the buses stopped but we are up and ready to receive them.

So far approx. 125,000 have been sent to Texas shelters.
As of yesterday here is the list of Texas shelters not includind the new ones in places like Amarillo and Lubbock, etc..They were tryin to keep everything east of I-35 but it just became too overwhelming which is why places like Amarillo have opened up.

(source..AP wires.)

Estimated number of refugees staying in shelters: 89,350

Estimated number of refugees staying in hotels: 64,700.

Total: 153,950.


Astrodome, 15,000

Reliant Center, 11,000

Reliant Arena, 3,000

Other area shelters, 4,000

Hotels, 55,000

George R. Brown Convention Center will also be opened for shelter


Reunion Arena and other area shelters, 25,000

Hotels, 2,000


KellyUSA, a former Air Force base, 25,000


Red Cross Shelters, 560

Hotels, 3,000


Red Cross Shelters, 500

Hotels, 3,000


Ford Park, 1,450


Red Cross Shelter, 1,400


Lincoln Recreation Center, 175

Central Baptist Church, 50

Hotels, 1,700


Red Cross Shelter, 548


Red Cross Shelter, 400


Red Cross Shelter, 335


Pentocostal campgrounds, 320


Red Cross Shelter, 112


Burger Center, 200 families


Civic Center, 100


St. Mary's Catholic Church, 100


Nacogdoches Recreation Center, 88


September 2, 2005 - 5:30 p.m. CDT
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