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Strange radar features this AM

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Jason A.C. Brock

I noticed this morning on the FDR radar that a usual the bats in Western Oklahoma were coming back to roost to the Cave near Harmon County. However at the exact sae time I also noticed similiar radar echies at Norman as well as Wichita Falls. I have never seen bats on radar at these locations before. I went and took a peak outside here in the Falls but saw nothing.
I am curious if there are bats now in Norman and Wichita Falls. Wichita Falls has built an overhead freeway over the past 5 years and are currently in the process of creating what is basically a mixmaster on the SE side of town and basically where these radar signatures were coming from. While I have seen bats here on occasion I have never seen more than a few together here at a time. Usually around here they reside in old wells from old farm houses. I found on roosting under a neighbors porch one morning and have seen a few flying around the spotlight at night but never have I seen anything that would create the radar type echoes I saw this morning on FDR radar. That many bats would surely be something that is noticeable.
I thought maybe it was smoke......but again I looked outside and saw nothing and its curious that it also occured at the exact same time as the bats in Western Oklahoma and the radar echoes near Norman.
I also thought maybe these are birds......and am leaning more in that direction.....I have seen millions of these black birds roost near the Hospital here in Wichita Falls and the mess they leave behind is just horrible.
Also the radar echoes in Norman and Wichita Falls seemed to be more of something leaving rather than coming in such as the bats would in the AM. I am curious if anyone has noticed if these birds have made a return to Norman like they do here everyyear.

Any thoughts on what the radar echoes actually are? I also thoght of maybe insects but the bird idea seems to fit better. I will have to check with a friend and chase partner of mine who works very near where these birds roost each year and see if they are back.

Perhaps if there are not alot of thundershowers in the area this evening we will see the opposite on radar......Bats going out as usually but perhaps be able to see the birds coming in on FDR.
I would like the rain much more so however. Just something I found a little interesting.
As far as the Bats go I would actually like to see Norman and Wichita Falls build actual bat sanctuaries were bats would roost more in and around our cities. They cut down on the insect problem alot especially mosquitos which carry west nile and there have been I believe 8 cases of west nile found in Tarrant County Texas or the Fort Worth area and some of those have inded caused death mainly in the elderly and small children.
Bats are good for the area and their poop is actually valuable and a great fertilizer. They do and can carry rabies but so can our Skunks and Raccoons that sneak into our yards lat at night to eat our trash. Of course usually unless an animal is seen out in the open during the day the chance of rabies is low. Most ranchers recommendng shooting any nocturnal animal that is out and about during the day......No this doesnt include cats.......as much as some of us may dislike them :p.

Anyways was boed and thought id put this out there.....

hwat was FDR showing us?

My vote......those blackish brown birds that roost for a few weeks make horrible noise and horrible poooooo