Stormtrack front page

To help gear up the site for 2007, I am going to take another hack at turning the front page of Stormtrack into a newsmagazine-type format.

I request that anyone who approves their photographs being used on the Stormtrack front page please reply in THIS thread with your permission (not in PM as I have to clear PM messages periodically). This allows me the privilege of retrieving a newsworthy photo from your post or website to reprint on the front page without losing time seeking permission. All reprinted photos will be credited, of course.

At any time, if you have any messages or stories you'd like posted on the front page, just reply in this thread with the content and I'll put it on the front page (it will be deleted from this thread to keep the thread clean). Some stories will be saved to use on a slow day. Private messages are ok, too. However currently my PM box is backlogged -- I am going to work at addressing the backlog this weekend.

Thanks to our technical administrator David Drummond for helping with a problem I had getting FTP access into the front page.

Hopefully I will be able to keep up with it this season... if not, we'll just revert it to a static page as in previous years.

Have at it with mine. I hope I can catch something worthwhile....soon.
Your more than welcome to use any of my photos. Thanks to all the folks for the hard work they do to keep this site running!!
Not that I'll get anything better than the guys above me on this thread, but if I've got something worthwhile this season, feel free.
You have my soon as I get a site worth it up :p

Have you looked into getting a blog type software with multiple writers to help ease the load from yourself Tim? I think you might've tried that once with mixed results but I'm not quite sure. Either way, I hope it gets running great!
Sure're welcome to all of my new, blurry, out-of-focus photographs of grungy 2007 convection across the trees and hills!! :p

Seriously......anything on my site and Blog is yours.

Hey Tim, your welcome to use any of my work as well (my website or here). Also if you need anything let me know.

take care...