Stormtrack Board Speed

Has ST been operating extremely slowly for the rest of you over the past week? It seems almost half the time I have a 1 minute wait for it to load completely. A few times I have lost posts in progress, and other times, the board has been down completely. I will note that ST is the only website acting this way... so I don't think it is my end.

Same here. The server has been going down completely for hours at a time. A few days ago, the site was down most of the day. Though, when it is up, it is fast for me.
Same here. The server has been going down completely for hours at a time. A few days ago, the site was down most of the day. Though, when it is up, it is fast for me.

I noticed this the other day too. It was completely unreachable for several hours.
I cruised the hosts' forum yesterday, and it seems that the problem is known by the hosting company. I've had intermittent luck trying to access ST in the past couple of weeks. I've let Tim know about this problem, though it seems that the best route now is to wait for them to fix this issue.
The slowness of the forum over the past week or so has actually discouraged me from posting once or twice. By the time I clicked on the "Reply" button and waited - it was time to do something else more productive......not involving the internet! :p

No problems here at home or work... is there a specific time the slowness is occuring?

Edit: OK as I went to post this, it was a bit slower than normal. Didn't really go longer than half a minute though.
Ok up to now i have been immune to these problems that have been affecting most the members of the board. Today....S................L...................O..............W
Tim is aware of the problem and the host is working to fix it. Most of the issues are directly releated to a power outage that happend in California a couple weeks back ago.

We appreciate your patience with the boards dismal performance lately.
Here is the response I got:


We apologize for the inconvenience that you have encountered. However, I
have been on the browser and is loading in about 2
seconds. I suspect that there may have been be an intermittent high load
issue on your server. Normally the system admins correct high load issues
as they occur, but you may experience a slow load or even the site going
down for a few moments. We address all server problems the second that
we become aware of them, so that could account for your site going down
for a small periods here and there.

Feel free to contact us if you are still unable to view your site on the


Indeed I tested it out and this forum thread loads in only 3 seconds. We are below the CPU and mysql limits, so I don't know what the deal is. I'm investigating whether Invision is known for having this type of trouble.

The host isn't StartLogic by any chance? I have personally heard from other users of this host that they have been having problems for weeks, and nothing much is being done for them either. They've been giving the same type of answers (we don't see a problem, must be on your end, etc.) so I was curious.
Part of the problem is we're consuming almost an hour of CPU resources per day... which is extremely high. Our database is huge and this has contributed greatly to the slowdown.

I have a few other sites, such as the Weather Graphics forum on the same servers, and it's not having any trouble at all.

Though certainly I don't dispute that Dreamhost is overselling itself with its well-known lack of usage caps.