Storm Magazine

A long time ago I saw a new magazine on the rack at a bookstore. It was called Storm, The World Weather Magazine. The cover story this month was “The Chase, Life In The Eye of the Stormâ€￾.

While this was only the third issue, it was to be the last. From what I can gather, this was the fault of the publisher, not the editor or writers. Or maybe the article on page 34 about the University of Illinois Department of Atmospheric Sciences Gopher server was more telling. The internet was coming, and small special-interest print publications would be facing some competition.

The table of contents included:
The Interception of Elena
Is Garbage Changing the Weather?
Using the Weather Machine
Why Droughts and Floods Are "Normal"
along with other monthly departments

If you are interested, you can download (6.5 MB) it here in Adobe Acrobat PDF format:

Please don’t link to this web page. I am sharing this file on a group-by-group basis. This will ensure that there is sufficient bandwidth available on the server for everyone who wishes a copy.