Storm Chasing Bumper Stickers (A New Line)


By coincidence, there is a recent thread posting bumper stickers for chasers. Brian McNoldy (of MESO) and I have been working for some time (since late 2004) on creating a line of storm chasing bumper stickers. Finally, the dream has come to fruition and we have a finished product we are ready to sell. Here are the initial two available (future designs are in the works) for your purchase (all proceeds go to the non-profit 501©3, education and disaster-relief oriented group MESO.):

3 x 10" rectangle:
[Broken External Image]:

4 x 6" oval
[Broken External Image]:

Visit here to purchase:

Only $4 for your first sticker and there is a progressive decrease in the cost/sticker as you order more (per order)!

Chris, Brian, and MESO
What's with the fish on the oval sticker?

Lol... I was thinking the same thing. After some pondering, I think the message is to forget the Jesus/Darwin fish, storms are better. But it did takes some thought, as at first I thought the message of the sticker was to get hooked on storms, Jesus, and Darwin -- and that Chris had created a new religion, Mesochristiandarwinism. :D
Yes. It is a mixed message, for sure.

The other problem with it is that anyone who understands what the storm hook radar image is. . . is ALREADY hooked and nobody ELSE will know what the heck it is suppose to be!

Darren Addy
Kearney, NE
What's with the Jesus fish?

When people have "Free Tibet" stickers on their cars I like to ask them if I can have some Tibet, especially since they are giving it away for free. Other people want to "Save Tibet." I don't know why people are trying to save it when other people are giving it away for free.
I like the oval sticker and would buy one (or two) if the following changes were made:

1. The fish are removed.

2. The message "GET HOOKED" is printed across the sticker through the middle in large letters.
Some fun ideas for bumperstickers:

(or perhaps, just "I BRAKE FOR LARGE HAIL")


"I ♥ inflow"

"My other car was destroyed by lightning"

"Stop honking and pass me: I need some good debris footage"
Here is one I kinda revamped into something for chasers. I talked the good folks over at into taking on the cost for the initial printing, so as far as I know, that's the only place to get them. This is an actual scan of one, and it's the same quality as the high end skywarn stickers out there (not the orange ones the NWS hands out).

[Broken External Image]:
haha wow, if someone were to make a bumper sticker out of Ryan's: "Stop honking and pass me: I need some good debris footage" ... I would definitely but that in an instant!! Great ideas Ryan!
Bumper sticker/t-shirt ideas from the strange 15 year old mind of Mark Farnik ...

Go with the inflow!

All hail the mighty stormchaser!

An updraft is NOT a Guiness thrown in a vertical manner!

This vehicle may accelerate, brake, and turn suddenly in the presence of supercells!

All strung out on the dryline

Chasing the wind and proud of it!

If I'm all sweaty because of the high moisture content in the air, dewpoint it out

Attention all police and state patrol officers! If you pull me over while I'm chasing a tornadic storm: Damn you to hail!
other sticker saying ideas.

"If i'm here,be afraid,BE VERY AFRAID"(picture of a tornado on either side).
"Talk to your insurance company before following me"
"For one HAIL of a good time,follow me"
Based on one I saw that began "I'm an accordian player....."

"I'm a storm chaser...and I VOTE!!!"

Keep the faith