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Hooked on Storm Chasing Bumper Sticker

All right ladies and gentlemen, you asked for it and now you get it! I have created a new bumper sticker for all you chasing fans and fanatics. As with the previous bumper sticker, this one is also 3 inches tall by 10 inches wide. They are an excellent quality bumper sticker...just ask anyone who's purchased one of the first design. Without further ado, here's the new design:


Because PayPal is nasty with their little fee scheme, I'm going to have to make a slight adjustment to the price of this sticker. The price is still $4.00 if you pay by cash, check, or money order. The price is $4.50 if you would like to pay by PayPal.

If you have any questions or would like one (or more), just send me an email or PM. Thanks and happy chasing!

Brian Swiatowy
AKA Brian James
KVII-TV Amarillo, TX
[email protected]
That's awesome!

Is there a way to have those made in magnet form? I ask because like me, I have a 2000 ford expedition I just bought and I am one that won't put stickers on my vehicle. Magnets, yes, stickers no.