Yet another Storm Chaser Bumper Sticker

Some of you may have seen this on MediaLine. It was also briefly posted on here earlier in the year. But, I'm letting y'all know I still have plenty of these bumper stickers left, so if you're interested in getting one (or two or three :D ), just let me know. I've also dropped the price...they're $4.00 each.

[Broken External Image]:

The size is 3 inches tall by 10 inches wide. Feel free to send me a PM, or drop me an email [email protected]. Thanks!

Brian Swiatowy
AKA Brian James
KVII-TV Amarillo, TX
Just wanted to say I picked one of these stickers up and love it lol! Everyone I talk to about the truck gets a good kick out of it. It's made of the good material too and has already been put through 4 chases and is holding tough! not that I had any doubts! Great product Brian and thanks for the early shipment!
Thanks Mike!

Hiya Mike! I'm glad to hear it's made it through 4 chases so far! LOL! That's 4 more chases than I've been able to go on :( I'll have to take your word on the durability of the stickers. Thanks for the kudos. Best of luck to ya chasing this year!
Thanks Brian! Recieved my sticker today and I am very pleased with the quality and hope to use her in the plains this spring/summer or in 2006! :)
There's still plenty left!

Thanks for the compliments, Brett! Also, thanks for answering Jayson's question for me. Yes, shipping is included in the 4 dollar price. I can cash, check, money order, or PayPal. By the way, for anyone still interested, I still have plenty left. If you want one, it's not too late!

I have another idea for a storm chaser bumper sticker. I'm working on the layout now and should have it available in a week or two. It's fun coming up with these...and for all of you who have liked my first one and have purchased it, I thank you!


Stickers been through a lot and still holding strong lol. would love to see the new ones ya got in mind :lol:

^sticker took a beating that chase (south plains, tx 5/12) :D
Cool Pic!

That sticker looks awesome on your truck, Mike! Thanks for posting that pic! I'm almost positive I saw you out there around South Plains. I think I saw you just north of South Plains on 207 at one point during the chase. If I had known it was you, I would have stopped and said hi! Maybe next time (if there is a next time this year :cry: )

I've just about got the new design done. I'll get some printed up then post the design. Hopefully you and others will like it. :lol:
hey mike,your truck looks better WITHOUT the toilet paper :lol:
i got mine,and i crack a smile when i look in my side mirror and watching people point to the sticker and laugh.also,it makes a great conversation piece with the truck drivers on those long highway trips.
haha wow...didnt mean to steal the thread, but thanks for the comments you guys! i put a lot of hard work into getting it ready. i definitely love the affect the sticker gives to it though! lol