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Storm Chaser simulation

Storm Chaser simulation

Here is the direct link to the stormchaser simulation that I designed and created for
the Annenburg foundation
a few years.
It took a lot of round the clock work, research, creativity and thinking.
I am very proud of not only developing the stormchaser simulation but the whole site.

I really had designs for it being better with better photos and much more but Anneburg was a on a limited budget for me and the others. But I got to visit other people, visit Washington again and more.

In any case, some day I will design a better one by myself (yeah like I have the time?).

Try it , place your comments and let me know how I can improve it for the future

Thanks for looking at my simulation.
other Annenburg sites
There are other websites too so look at them and enjoy my simulation and the others
It's really more of a storm spotter tutorial than a stormchaser simulation. Any stormchaser who can't call the two tornados (or who isn't a little on the fence with DDC's "funnel cloud") had best find another, safer hobby. A stormchaser simulation along the line of your site should have some met data and precursor pictures, e.g. low-level jet Cu racing north, cirrus cover, etc. I'll leave it at that.... ;)

P. S. The Annenburg site you made is great!
I couldn't tell what the Cirrus clouds were, it looked like a VERY zoomed-in and cropped backsheared anvil. The DDC "funnel" is also bit sketchy, doesn't appear to be defined at all, I called it a scud.

Great work on the site though, looks, and functione well.