Storm Chaser Ben Tucker in Critical Condition

Sean McMullen

I learned today that last Friday on Jan 12th storm chaser Benjamin Tucker of Lincoln NE was involved in a very serious three car accident that included Ben's car, a mercury sable, a semi truck and a mini-van. Ben was driving on HWY 34 probably 10-15 miles east of Lincoln near the town of Eagle when he went nearly head on with a semi. I found this article on Lincoln Journal Star's website of Lancaster county's press release of the accident. They didn't mention names but Ben's car is the Sable.

What I know as of now is that Ben broke his neck, both of his legs, lost a kidney and is currently in a chemically induced coma in critical condition.

He is currently at Bryan LGH West Hospital in Lincoln. He can't recieve any gifts right now since he is in intensive care but I thought I'd post the information needed to send gifts to his room when his condition is upgraded. For right now we'll just have to keep Ben in our thoughts and prayers.
Oh man, that is horrible news.....I'm keeping Ben in my thoughts and sincerely hope his recovery is steady and his prognosis improves. Anything like this is horrible. One of our own is even worse. I wish him the best.
This really hits home. Something similar recently happened to a very close friend of mine. My heart goes out to Ben and his family. As soon as I get off the computer, I will pray for him.
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family, Ben. Get well soon, and we'll see ya at a chaser convergence soon.
This is very disheartening. Best wishes to Ben and his family and I pray for him a speedy recovery.
Horrible news. It is another reminder of how situations can change in the blink of an eye. Literally. Im not sure where one would begin but if he needs it perhaps something could be done similiar to what was done with Jeff Wears Situation. I dont know the situation exactly but MAYBE something to keep in mind.
Ben, you will be in my thoughts and prayers big guy. May the Lord heal you quickly with his mercy and grace.
Chaser in critical condition

My thoughts and prayers go out to Ben and his family! I wish him a quick and full recovery!
Update on injured chaser Ben Tucker

For those of you who haven't heard, on January 12th of the new year storm chaser Ben Tucker of Lincoln, NE was involved in an extremely serious three car accident leaving him critically injured. He is currently in intensive care at BryanLGH West Hospital in Lincoln. There is now a website we can all go to and receive daily updates on Ben's progress and even post messages that his family will read to him everyday. You can even view photos of Ben and his family. This is an extremely tough time for Ben and his family. Not only has Ben undergone life changing trauma, he was also due to be married very soon.

The link I've attached will send you to where you can create an account to gain access to Ben's website that's hosted by Bryan hopital and Ben's family.

First, click on the blue button in the middle of the page that says "new visitors and returning members".

Second, click on the blue button that reads "sign up" and then put in your info.

Third, after entering your info it will ask you what carepage you would like to go to. You must enter BenTucker just like I have it spelled here and with no spaces.

You should be good after taking these steps. It might take a coulple minutes to complete but it's a small price to pay to show support for one of our own not to mention that Ben and his family will greatly appreciate any words of encouragement we can offer.

Here is the link to Carepages website:
Thanks for the link Sean, definetely an excellent source to montior Ben's condition/progress. Considering the page is updated by his family I imagine any messages left are great in terms of lifting their spirits, and it sounds like all messages left are being read to Ben, I imagine while in a situation like his hobbies are kind of put on the backburner, but I'm sure messages from fellow storm chasers are helping raise Bens spirits and provide him with one more reason to continue to fight.