Sprint Officially Sucks

Same with Verizon......

Verizon, Sprint, and Alltell are all getting very close in coverage maps.

But only Sprint has the agreements for EVDO, all the others are only for 1xRTT and voice services. The Verizon agreement goes until the year 2020, and the Spring agreement until 2016. Alltel also has an agreement with Cingular until 2012, though CIngular is mostly pushing it's own GSM stuff now, leaving out the CDMA variants in its new data services.

I don't think any of the big companies are better than the other as far as customer service. I've had issues with all of them. The trick is to just keep hanging up on them until you get a hold of someone who knows what they're doing. I NEVER trust the store salespeople to know what you can and can't do with plans. You have to do your own research when you're not doing a 'standard' thing.

BTW, Sprint has 'bindable' and non-bindable PAM plans still. Talk to a business unit person Tony.

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Not really. Alltel picks up and uses Sprint EVDO as well. It's a partnering agreement.

Correct. I was speaking in the other direction in that Sprint is the only company with access to Alltel's EVDO Rev. 0 and Rev.A. It is indeed a sharing agreement so it goes both directions. Good if you're with Alltel, good if you're with Sprint.

It also seems that merger talks have resurfaced with Alltel and Verizon. That could make things interesting... Although Alltel has been mentioned in merger talks with both Sprint and Verizon. I guess it depends on which week you read the WSJ...

Another wrinkle...

I hate Sprint's customer service but, I've had nothing but great things to say about their system. Never have a dropped call; no matter where I've traveled. (Well, if you don't count the area between Midland, Tx and New Mexico)

I saw this article this morning which makes sense for me and my business. Unlimited calls ad data for $120.00 from Sprint.

Good day,

I had the EXACT SAME type of BS from Sprint back in chase season of 2004. One chaser I chase with brought back a couple of sprint PCS vision cards when he was at the CES in Las Vegas that year. He got them free as a promotional effort.

My plan was to use the card for the time I was in the plains chasing, from May 13 to June 1 that year. On May 3, I activated the card, but it did not work until about May 7.

The plan was for unlimited access and was $90 a month, plus a rather stiffy $36 "activation fee". As foolish as I was then, I accepted paying $126 to have data on the plains. Or so I thought.

More than 60% of the time, trying to connect would give me a "remote computer will not respond" message ... And I called customer service about 6 times each with no resolution.

On one call, I was told my sprint PCS vision card would be bad. No problem, since I had some spares as per the other guy who brought them from the CES, who was also in my group. The spare card did not work either.

Oh, half these calls, I was transferred to one tech, had to explain the entire rigamore each time, then transferred to another one for "that area" who would transfer me back to the original "area" - Ofcourse the first person I spoke with won't answer, it would be a new tech guy, explain the entire thing all over again ... Round n' round n' round. Then, after nearly reaching the top of the ladder, get dropped.

One guy in our chase vehicle thought it was so funny of me getting pissed off on the phone he set the video camera on me. Was not funny at the time, but funny now watching me get dropped, me slap my leg, and throw my cell phone down.

Finally, after over an hour with a customer service technician, wasting MY cell minutes, I gave up on the issue, frustrated, and with no avail. With that, my Delorme GPS suddenly stopped getting "seen" by my laptop - I lost it shouting "This s--cks blistering hot ---- c-ck!"

The guy who got the cards, and had his set up at the CES did not have any problems. His card was working perfectly, and he knew the person who set it up for him. Unfortunately, he just kept it to himself ... In fact, he did not speak to me for a day or so afterwards because I was "losing my temper" too much.

Since the card worked only in some areas, I was able to transfer data then, and I uploaded all my final updates to my web site on June 1 when at DFW waiting to go home.

Trying to avoid going over a month of service, I promptly cancelled the service on June 2.

That June, I got a bill from Sprint. It was not $126, but $269. I was like "what da F--??" ... So I called them. I explained what happened, about the horrible performance, and tech supports failure to even resolve the issue.

They told me the billing "cycle" is at the 20-21 of the month, any usage thereafter accrues as a whole month. So the $36 plus $90 was complicated by another $90 and yet another $36 fee to cancel it. This makes $252. The $269 was for taxes and other crap.

I tried to dispute and / or get a discount for both the crap service and data errors. They said "well, since you uploaded 20 megs on June 1, we cannot do that".

I wrote to management in another email about this, explaining it in more detail than in this document, and a friendly reply came back saying "I cannot describe how you must be feeling, I really am sad to see you leave sprint and hope you have better luck in the future."

I just replied with "Why won't you just knock off $126 off the bill you sent me for only being able to use the service less than 50% of the time?"

A reply came back, saying "Had you not uploaded all that stuff on June 1, we most likely would not have charged you for that last month, since the only data transferred before June 1 was on May 20." June 1 was when I was loading my data to my web site while waiting to get on my flight back home from DFW - what idiots ey?

Low and behold, I had to pay the full $269 for one month of error messages and wasted phone calls with almost no data.

I vouch for you Tony, screw Sprint. I certainly will not touch them ... In fact, until now, I was wondering how you were doing "so good" with Sprint as I saw how happy you were with them. Guess the "collura" luck bit you in the butt just like it did me!
Yeah Chris, I hear ya! As I've said before, if I never had to deal with the idiots on the other end of the phone, my life would be so much better. I'm trying like hell NOT to change plans just because of the hassel of dealing with all that goes into it. Not to mention my data and voice service on the road has been excellent in the past AND this year even in remote sections of Northwest Oklahoma.

They emailed me back this morning telling me that they have requested a phone call to me within the next 48 hours to resolve this issue. I'm hopeful this will result in me getting my data plan for the price I was originally paying and me not having to change providers and deal with the shpeel that goes along with it.

We shall see... I'll keep you informed.
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If you would like some advice with dealing with Sprint CS, try visiting sprintusers.com. I have been with sprint for 3-4 years, and I love their service. I have Cingular for work purposes, and am totally frustrated with the quality of service, unavailable service, dropped calls, call quality, etc. Sprint CS does suck, and they will screw you if you don't know how to deal with them. There are several threads on sprintusers.com that have suggestions for dealing with Sprint's CS, as well as strategies for getting better rates, what others have gotten, etc. I still have my original plan, which includes unlimited Vision, which works with certain phones at no additional charge over my Voice plan. They stopped offering that a few years ago, so I have held onto it. I am getting ready to upgrade phones to a powervision phone, which will always result in Sprint CS telling you you have to upgrade to a new PowerVision plan (bye bye old plan), but that's not the case if you insist. I am quite sure you can get this worked out through the proper channels, just do some reading.
Hans Schroeder
If you have to visit a website that tells you how to deal with a company's customer service department - that right there should be an indication you will have trouble dealing with the company. I would pay a higher cell phone rate if the company I was dealing with had a customer service deparment that was responsive and wasn't trying to some how screw me. In my dealings with Verizon I have had great customer service. However, I have only had their service for a couple of months.
Don't get me wrong, I have had plenty of good CS contacts, where they took care of things just fine. Overall I have been VERY happy with them. Every mobile company has bad reps who make mistakes when they mess with your plan. The site has many, many other forums that have to do with phones, service plans, and many other aspects of Sprint. It's basically a forum for people who have Sprint as their carrier to stay informed about the latest services, phones, etc. Many of the threads I read have to do with how to get the most out of customer retentions, etc. The threads I was refering to for Tony were threads that would give him insight into how to best deal with sprint and others to inform him of what sprint does currrently offer, even if they don't offer it through normal channels. If a person is nicer and the longer they're with sprint, the more benefits and perks are available to them if they just ask. I guess my point was just that if you are informed and keep the right tone, you can usually get what you are asking for, or even better.
(I can't beat $150 for 4 lines, unlimited sms, unlimited roaming, unlimited sprint-sprint, unlimited data (even tethered), 2000 shared minutes, and EVDO a soon as I upgrade phones - granted it won't be rev A - I'm debating a seperate data plan w/ card)
From what I've been reading, PAM (phone as modem) plans with voice are still available, and are currently still offered. Here is a thread that might be helpful to Tony:
It states you do NOT need the PV (PowerVision) addition to the plan, you only need PAM on it, and that is only $40 per month. Posts as recent as yesterday. Just something to check into. Sounds like Tony may have gotten ahold of one of those "what planet am I on?" reps. :)
With all the talk about cell companies, who do you think has the best overall data coverage without roaming fees or any other hidden bs?
With all the talk about cell companies, who do you think has the best overall data coverage without roaming fees or any other hidden bs?

ALLTEL with the EVDO roaming agreement they have with Sprint . Sprint obviously has the same coverage because of the same roaming agreement,But Alltel seems to treat customers alot better.
ALLTEL with the EVDO roaming agreement they have with Sprint . Sprint obviously has the same coverage because of the same roaming agreement,But Alltel seems to treat customers alot better.

Looks like Alltel is $25 added to the voice plan instead of $40 as well.
I will be getting a Rev A data card from Sprint in the next week. Just talked to the public sector rep, and he informed me that the OKC metro area will start rolling out Rev A in April, completing in June. I'm pretty excited about high speed uploads.
Things are back to a sense of normal again. Yes, I am still a Sprint customer, so happily I've avoided making any changes.

Here's what happened... I talked to Sara today; she informed me that I CAN have both the phone-as-modem AND a voice plan together. She couldn't explain why my voice plan was cancelled when I first activated it, nor did she find anything that said you couldn't have both on the same line.

However, she was quick to make an offer. They gave me a USB Broadband modem (the U720) free and a data plan which runs the same price as the phone-as-modem. The added benefits of this are I have access to the EVDO-A network and my phone is now freed up while using data, so I can pretty well leave this running constantly while out and about.

The drawback, I did have to sign a service contract for the data plan. However, my phone/voice plan remains the same, thus no extension on that. Because I am able to use my router with this setup here at home, I can get away with cancelling my Comcast at-home internet and phone which will offset the money to Sprint. Beyond the contract, I am fairly happy with the end result.

So yeah, still can't get a straight answer from any two people on the phone-as-modem deal, but its old news now. The USB modem which is current going on their site for $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate (pay $99.99 up front) with the contract I got for free, so I'll take it. they did honor my request to avoid purchasing additional equipment. And like I said, the perks to this are nice, so I'm sure I'll enjoy the network most places I roam!