SPC Site Down?

Apr 16, 2004
Austin, Tx
I'm unable to access the SPC site. Anyone else have this problem?

I am able to ping it successfully, but the web site won't come up on 2 separate computers running different browsers.
First thing I noticed this morning was that the overview graphic said NO TSMS forecast when a slight was in effect. Now, I can't access SPC or any NCEP site for that matter.
If anyone has the email address for the webmaster - might want to send an email.

I imagine SPC has some mechanism to alert them when the page is down. My guess is they are having some type of server problem, but email's not a bad idea just in case since severe weather today.
Originally posted by Scott Olson
I can't access SPC or any NCEP site for that matter.

That's strange. I can't access SPC but I can get the Climate Prediction Center, National Hurricane Center, and my local WFO sites.
Yeah...having problems with NCEP page too. I was trying to get a glimpse of the GFS for Friday night's system that looks interesting I might add for Alabama, Georgia, N.Florida.
Originally posted by Karen Rhoden

Going chasing today Bill? :wink:


P.S. - No doesn't work for me either.

Hi Karen,

Yeah I'm thinking of heading out. Right now I like the area around Victoria, or possibly from there Wharton to Houston. The mid level wave looks a bit slower so I'm thinking Houston could be at or after dark.

I love using the SPC Mesoscaleanalysis tool. Although today I don't think it's such a large area that it would be tough to figure out. Basically the intersection of the low/fronts with mid level wave.

If I am going I better start thinking about getting out the door though. Hmmm...haven't even charged anything yet.
Hey, Bill!!!

Hope your right Bill. I'm in Fort Bend, Southwest of Houston. Sure could use some storm action. We are way overdue.

I'm glad nothing came through during the day...my third grade class would have seen me go bonkers if it had

I don't get off work till 4pm today...can't wait to get home and study the maps.

Later gang!