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Spain Severe Weather translated! (Edited 15.02)

Emilio Rey

Hello there!

Yesterday we started to publish the DiBiTS (Diccionario Bilingüe de Terminología Severa) or (Severe Weather Bilingual Dictionary) on our web page (www.spainsevereweather.com)

With this, we pretend to show to the spanish people the terms that you use in your chasings. We know many terms are missed, we will try to complete the list every week. Your cooperation and help should be great and we welcome any comments! For now, there is only A, B and C letters. For some of you can be also of interest to know the translation to Spanish of some terms.

You can find DiBiTS at http://www.spainsevereweather.com/Dibits.asp. Hope you like it!

We are also in the process to translate into english the whole page (big effort!), so you can enjoy the severe weather of "so called" sunny Spain... 8)

Thanks, and as we say: "¡Wena Kaza!" (or good chase!) to everybody,

Emilio Rey (aka CumulusHumilis)
SSW Team Coordinator
You know I'm taking spanish at college and we have to do presentations. I have always wanted to do one on chasing or even weather as a whole. The problem was that i did not know how to say certain terms in spanish. Now with the help of SSW i can present on chasing and weather. Thank you much!!
Spain Severe Weather translated!


Last year we announced the birth of the first website in Spain dealing with severe weather. Many of you already know it (www.spainsevereweather.com), and probably you surfed then but missed some crucial information, due to the language. It was only in spanish, but we promised to work hard in order to translate it into english so all of you could read and enjoy our work.

Well, it´s time for you to return to SSW and check that almost all of the contents are now readable for you. Still a couple of reports are pending to translate, but most of all are there. Our translation team (Ananot, Eclipse, Xoara, thanks guys!) has worked quite hard, we know the importance for this kind of sites to be accesible to everyone, to be able to share our experiences and to receive your feedback.

We apologize for any incorrect use we have done, hope you will be kind with us and inform of any mistake.

Well, it´s time for enjoying the spanish severe weather!

Emilio Rey aka Cumulus Humilis
SSW Team Coordinator
Hi Emilio,

It is great to see the translated version of the website!! Good luck.

Any news on the severe weather that produced the hail during February?


Jimmy Deguara