Someone worth appreciating

Feb 10, 2004
Scottsdale, AZ USA
When I was starting out as a lightning photographer in the mid 90s, there was a short list of lightning photographers whose work I especially admired. Toward the top of that list was Peter Jarver, lightning and landscape photographer of Australia and Tropical North Queensland. I hadn't looked in on Peter Jarver's Web site in awhile, and tonight hit his site and found out that he passed away :cry: All I could find was a listing saying that he died 'after a brief illness', but his contributions were many. Peter Jarver was looked upon as a Master of Photography in his homeland and indeed he was, particularly with the storms that he loved.

Someone maintains his Web site to this day, take a look at his amazing work.

Peter Jarver's passing is a loss to the photo world, and stings for me too I must admit.
Wow, amazing stuff!

Thanks for posting this Susan. Really gives me something to aspire towards. Some of his work is just incredible. Sorry to hear that he has passed, but his work will certainly live on.


I didn't know him personally but I know what its like to lose someone who is special to you and I give my condolences to you and his friends and family.