Some more mysterious videos

Thomas Loades

I've been compiling a (comparatively) more detailed guide to Tornado Video Classics III, and have run into a problem with attributing a number of the videos. Does anyone know who shot these?

• Hutchinson, KS / March 26, 1991
• Pierce, NE / June 12, 1994 (the two funnels merging overhead)
• Sylvan Grove, KS / June 7, 1993
• N of Kennebec, SD / August 5, 1987
• Near Sterling, CO / June 22, 1991
• Near Wabasso, MN / June 16, 1992
• Lubbock, TX / May 27, 1992
• Katy, TX / November 21, 1992
• Bridgewater, SD / August 7, 1994
• Near Piedmont, AL / March 27, 1994
• Andover, KS tornado and supercell / April 26, 1991 (a longer cut of this video shows the subsequent touchdown of the Lake El Dorado/Kansas Turnpike tornado; seems to be looking W or NW)
• Pampa, TX / June 8, 1995 (in which we see the factory warehouse get whirled around the funnel; has datestamp in the corner reading "3:49 PM 6/8/1995")
• Gotham, England / June 2, 1984
• Brisbane, Queensland / November 4, 1973
• Limon, CO / June 6, 1990
• Iredell, TX / April 26, 1994
• Cantrall, IL / May 9, 1995 (there seem to be about three sequences in there)
• Carmen, OK / May 17, 1995
• Near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan / June 28, 1990
• Port Byron, IL / March 13, 1990 (seem to be two different clips there)
Hi Thomas!
Boy, I don't think I'm being of much help here, but the Limon-1990 footage might have been filmed by a guy out of Colorado (poss. Boulder) named William Reid. If I'm right about that name......he also was one of the closest guys on that wicked F-4 that wiped out Spencer, South Dakota a few years back, and he shot some magnificent video of it too.
Good luck......hope this points you in the right direction.
Regarding the '91 Andover Kansas / El Dorado Lake footage.....I'm not sure it wasn't Tim Marshall. I'll bet one man who might have shot it or would know is frequent poster of Storm Track Karen Rhoden's husband Gene Rhoden. My personal thought that it was Tim. Warren Faidley was on that action too, but I don't think that's his video though.
Thanks, Joel — although the particular Andover/El Dorado Lake video is a home video, so that's still open.

If it's any kind of help (which it may well have been earlier :oops: ), I went through the credits, and these are all the names I can't match a video to yet:

Zonie Bilanski • Central Television • Charles Gibson • Gene & Irene Gibson • Gary Houston • KSWO-TV Lawton • Harold Kreager • Rolan Kuip • Allen Lewis • John McLaughlin • Johnny Minton • Cory Mead • Chuck Mehl • Debbie Ring • Tim Samaras • Dave Solomon • Damon Vonada • Danny Wilson

With one really obvious exception, do any of those sound familiar?
Thomas, with the obvious exception of Tim Samaras, I don't recognize ANY of those names at all. I'm sure not the authority on chasers...but I have been around this for a good 20 yrs..and was subscribing to stormtrack off and on since '86. My guess is that almost all of those names are private people that just had video cameras at the right place at the right time.
Let me know if I can help any further. I'd be glad to.

I was watching one of my many tornado videos tonight and it happened to be "Tornadoes 1995" by the weather channel. They happened to feature the Hallock MN tornado of July 7 1995 and the Lazbuddie TX tornadoes of June 4 1995. They also happened to note the videographer next to the date and location of each video. The Hallock MN tornado was shot by Jon and Laurie Fowler, and the Lazbuddie TX tornadoes were shot by Dennis Steinbach. I hope this has helped you. If I come across any of the others, I will let you know. A quick note about the April 26, 1991 footage, it may have been Jon Davies who shot that footage, but i am not for sure on that.

Matt Schuch
Indeed it has, Matt. Thanks. However, I'm pretty sure that the 4/26/1991 video that appears in TVCIII is not by Jon Davies. It's a home video, and two people (a man and a woman) converse while it's going.
Ok thomas, now i know which video your talking about. iv seen it too before. infact, im going to go and watch TVCIII right now, cause i too am curious about that video now.
John McLaughlin is the on-camera meteorologist at KCCI in Des Moines. The station always seems to play a big part in the Central Iowa NWA conference every March.

Cory Mead is an SPC forecaster.

(edit) Not positive if the credits are to those two people, however it would seem likely.