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SLOSH model output

Does anyone know where to get SLOSH model output online? I saw some last year associated with one of the hurricanes, though I can't find that site or FTP address anymore. I'm interested to see what the current surge forecasts from the SLOSH model runs look like...

I havent seen those before. Thats pretty sweet.

Any idea how accurate those are(assuming the eye comes ashore about in that spot)?
Those loops are awesome! They take a LONG time to load, but just watch that station nw of Sabine Lake... It read -0.8' pre-Rita... I think it peaks out near 22' ... The water spreads inland almost a county and a half.

Verification numbers, I don't have, but from what I remember SLOSH has a fairly good track record... In '89 (during Hugo) it was accurate to within a foot at McClellanville, SC - was within 1-3 feet with Andrew's surge near Morgan City - and had a 27-30 ft surge near Gulfport with Katrina. I haven't heard what the "official" surge measurements were with Katrina, but I imagine the 27-30 ft fcst was likely very close...

I've had this link for years so, to warn you, the output directory has changed a couple times in the last 3-5 years. And again, as Justin said before, these files are large and coming off an FTP server, may slow down download times. Also, beware the animated GIFs are a processing nightmare for most machines and hog system resources. I've recommended to most people I forward the link to #1. download the files and view them locally (seems to take less time) and #2. to make sure they minimize usage on other applications on their machine when viewing the output. Even on my P-4, 1.2 GHz laptop, it bogs my machine down quite a bit! If you have the processing power, then no problem, but just beware...

I've got output from Katrina if anyone is curious. Let me know if you'd like to see it, and I can slap it up on the site.

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