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Skywarn in Southern Indiana upgrading?

I wish I had something to show for this but I don't. I was listening to the local ARES net on the 2 meter and I remeber hearing a guy talking about Skywarn. He kept urging everyone to go to the storm spotter classes because supposedly in this area Skywarn spotter program is going to be upgraded.

To be honest, this net operator has got my interest so peeked I am planning to go to every class I can get near. The next one for me is this coming Tuesday in Scottsburg, Indiana. I'm planning on taking notes. So I'll come back here to what they had to say. I am really looking forward to this. :) - Grady
From what it sounded like, they're upgrading the actual program for spotters. Around here for this area, we didn't have much of a program to begin with. It was always a haugepauge of a program. So its good to see their moving into that direction. I've been anxious to meet other people hopefully in disaster management.

I'll be taking more notes when I go. - Grady =]
Do they have Advanced Skywarn classes? That might be what they are referring to, most areas just teach the Basic class.