Russia Weathers a Disturbing Warm Winter

Its cold in Moscow...but not that cold. Their average high and low is 21/11 in January. It's not really possible to have a city that big with average temps of -22F. Especially not with Russain technology.
Moscow experienced some of their coldest temperatures on record last year.


In India, frost was observed in New Delhi for the first time in 70 years as cold air flowing from the Himalayas produced a low temperature of 0.2°C (32.3°F) on January 9th. The record low occurred on January 16, 1935, when -0.6°C (31°F) was reported. In Russia, a severe cold wave, which arrived during January 17-18, brought some of the coldest temperatures to the region in decades. Moscow temperatures plummeted to -30°C (-22°F), the coldest readings since the winter of 1978-1979, when temperatures dropped to -38°C (-36°F). In June, unseasonably cold temperatures affected areas of Australia, with many locations breaking their all-time record minimum temperatures for the month. Averaged across Australia as a whole, it was the fourth coldest June in the post-1950 record.