Roanoke Tornado of July 13 Rated F4 (Updated photos Aug 3)

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... and I missed it. :?

Don't feel too bad, I missed it too. I had nothing to do that day too, I just didn't expect nothing like that to happen.

As bad as I feel for missing it, I'm just very thankful and amazed no one was seriously injured from this event... :)
I was chasing that day, but picked the wrong storm!

I was out chasing that day, but I ended up picking the wrong storm to chase, AND I should have left work an hour earlier! I intercepted the long lived supercell in Rantoul, which had just blown hard before I got there. I have a highlight video of my chase @
Nothing too exciting.

I've also got some pictures of the Roanoke damage. I'll post those tomorrow sometime.
Roanoke Tornado

One of the composition characteristics shown in some of these photos that I enjoy tremendously is the juxtaposition of the weather phenomenon with the mundane, day-to-day. Specifically, I love the tornado moving near the backyard filled with old metal lawn chairs. There's just something about the extraordinary in close proximity to the ordinary that really makes an interesting wx shot (or any photo, for that matter).

Usually these are taken by non-chasers, looking out windows or out back porches. I did see a couple of pictures by an Indiana chaser from earlier this year of a tornado in the background and a graveyard in the foreground. Nice shot(s).
Found a few more pictures of tornado

I found a few more pictures of the tornado. I think these were taken by Justin Weber, an employee at Geiser Ford.
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