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1982-05-29 Marion, IL F4 Tornado

Since the 80's seem under-represented in the historical weather events, I thought I would add this one.

This event occurred when I was 6, and is the first Tornado I ever saw. I credit this event, along with a Derecho on July 1, 1980 as the main seeds of my interest in severe weather.

I was about 2 miles west of this tornado at a local campground when I saw it. Since it was a classic Supercell, instead of the normal HP beasts we seem to get around here, it was rain-free under the meso and you could see it from all directions for a good distance. There is even a picture taken from the south part of Herrin, IL in the photo section, which shows no rain curtains. That means you could even see it clearly from almost 3 miles north of the track.

Here is a nice write up by the PAH WFO.