Public SevWx Chatrooms!


If you've heard of the IM software that NWS uses with media / Emergency Management agencies, you can now get many of those benefits for the general public... has more info. Basically these are chatrooms set up by WFO area of coverage. You can chat with other spotters / chasers / etc but the big benefit is getting all watches / warnings / LSRs / MCDs /etc in a one-line format. Very handy while in the field!

The TV/EM/NWS comms are not viewable, but this might make NOW'ing a little easier than filtering through all the posts here, especially while on a mobile connection.

- Rob
You don't get all the features as you mentioned, but with all of those NWS products automatically listed you won't have to worry about your nowcaster trying to tell you what is going on with warnings and reports. It is a great feature that I think could come in real handy!!
And a quick FYI... You have to follow all the steps in the setup procedure. Skipping any or modify any servernames will result in you not getting into the room.