Spotter Network Version 2 coming soon

Version 2 of the Spotter Network ( will have several new features including the ability for AllisonHouse subscribers to obtain voice/sound alerts based on various parameters.

What those parameters are is now open for request/discussion. Practically anything that AllisonHouse has in the way of data can be alarmed on.

An obvious example would be...

Your current position inside some kind of watch/warning area

please discuss and make requests here....

Even if you are not an AllisonHouse subscriber the base Spotter Network system is free of charge and I highly encourage anyone with internet access while chasing/spotting to be running the client. It has proven to be invaluable to many of the current EMA/NWS/public servent folks who are using it..or that's what they tell me. I know my wife really likes being able to see where I am when I'm out real time. She even called me a few days ago to laugh at me and bet me I was going to miss the storm. :blink:

The new version will also include integration with the NWS eSpotter system (we are currently prototyping with the Goodard NWS office) and allow for storm reporting and other reporting of charge.

Spotter/Chaser coordinators have their own roster management area and can see who is active and who is not..and current position of all of their spotters.

Feature enhancements, bug reports, etc...always welcome.