Problems with SPC website

Is everyone else unable to get to John Hart's Storm Reports archive on the SPC website? I get a "the page cannot be found" error when I attempt to go to this page:

Also, all of the links to this archive that I have installed in my high risk pages no longer work.

By the way, the other day I was messing around on the SPC website, and I noticed something interesting. If you remove the "_prt" from the graphic URLs in their convective outlook archive, you can get the non-printer friendly version with the black background.

For example, compare this

With this:

And these:


Interesting that they still have all those graphics online, but with no link to get to them unless you perform this bit of URL manipulation.
Originally posted by Skip Talbot
Good find, Andy. Now if only you could do that with the current outlook images. I and many others do not like the white backgrounds. What's curious though is that both of these work:

Wasted server space... or perhaps for backwards compatibility. I thought about writing a script to bring back the old plots but I haven't gotten around to that.

They both work because they are the exact same address....

I personally like the white backgrounds... It makes it possible to see the risk / probabilities without having the open the full-size graphic... Saves time when you're just glancing at the risk area, but we've had this discussion at length before, so I will refrain.