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Phi, Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden Spiral...and the weather?

Those of you who read The Da Vinci Code may remember the professor's digression about the meaning of phi and Fibonacci numbers. A universal mathematical order that seems to be present in everything from DNA to spiral galaxies, from music to seashells, phi seems to represent a constant order in dynamic processes. In a few cursory web searches, I found practically no information relating phi to the weather, which would seem to be a very natural application. I am interested if any of the more academically inclined forum chaser members have any interest, knowledge or references to this topic.

One derivation of phi, known as the golden spiral, seems particularly intriguing as it might relate to severe weather dynamics.

For general information see http://goldennumber.net/
Uh oh, Mike. I am Stormtrack's self-proclaimed BS meter (emulating, of course, my personal heroes Penn and Teller). When I smell BS, I proclaim it. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this Phi site stinks real bad.

Unfortunately, you have descovered yet another pseudoscience website. The claims look fascinating, but when you dig deeper, you can see how little sense this site really makes. The BS here is fairly transparent, so I'll just point out one thing. Real science websites aren't splattered with products for sale like this site is.

Mike, I hope you find what you're looking for, but fairly confident you won't find it in this site (or Chi either . . . ).
The math and geometry is cool, but most of theother sections are classic examples of 'finding' what you're already looking for.

Phi in theology? :roll:

Fibonacci Numbers

Actually, the concept of Fibonacci numbers has been a serious and respected technical analysis tool in the securities markets - which reflect human behavior - for many years. (I am a stock trader.) Reading the book peaked my interest, and then I noticed the golden spiral showed an uncanny likeness to the form of a radar hook echo. I agree concepts such as these are too easily over-hyped, but neither should we close our minds too quickly.

As for the book review you shared, the reviewer had some obvious mis-statements. It was quite common in the region of present-day Italy, in the time of Leonardo da Vinci, to use a person's town of origin, in place of his last name. Further, the use of phi dimensions in architecture and art is an historical fact.