Passion Twist is back

Shane Adams

It's only updated through 2002, but I'll be updating it continuously throughout the Summer to include this year's stuff as well as 2003. I've completely redone the links page, and have decided to start from scratch. So anyone wishing to exchange links, please send me and email or PM and I'll be happy to add you.

Nice! :thumbright:

Add my site. :wink:

I'll put your site in my links section during my next update... which should be very soon.

All right! I never got a chance to look at your site when it was yours . . .

. . . but I did find something interesting on the “fake passiontwistâ€￾ site:

“ - Save Money and Buy Tornados On Ebay!
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Woo-hoo!! Don’t any of you dare outbid me on my tornado!!! :headbang: