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Pages finally up

I wasnt sure if it was to late to put up a report in the TA, so I'm just putting my links to my 95% completed chase reports and pictures for

May30 in Colorado and



May31 in Texas




Go here


and click on the pic with the gleaming sunset

OPPs forgot to put up some previews
Nice pics. There is absolutely no problem putting this in reports, since we're not that far removed from the event. If we're talking months, that might be different.

If there's already another thread, then you could add it to the end of that thread.

Also, what perhaps not everyone knows is that we encourage preliminary chase reports in TA as soon as you return from your chase. Don't worry about pics and having the offical final-final report. Once you've written your preliminary report, you can go back and edit it (adding material) as many times as you wish.