NWS Text Information/NOAA Port, Etc..

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some help and input. My business requires access to archived data such as zone forecasts, LSR's, watches, warnings, advisories, discussions, etc... I am aware of many sources of this information but have a specific question. I do not need model data, radar images, satellite images, etc... just the text data.

Do any of you know any companies or suppliers of text data/NOAA Port data/ etc... that I can archive into a computer or database daily or in realtime, and retrieve it easily at some later date. (Ie...I would want to pull up all LSR's, SVR's, TOR's, SPS's, etc... issued by KALY on a specific date in the past). The NCDC site has some of this available online but it is painstakingly slow and does not work 75% of the time.

If you know of any systems or services, I would be interested in learning about them. If you happen to know the costs for such services and setups, that could be included in your response also. Thanks in advance.
I'm not sure so this could be a dead end, but you could try contacting the Weather Underground. I say it could be a dead end because I'm not sure how much they archive, but you might be able to work out a deal with them.

Thanks, but I know there are companies out there that offer the specific setup that I am looking for. It is that kind of information that I am looking for. Weather Underground would tedious to deal with in terms of setting up an archving system. I'd rather buy the equipment or subscribe to a service so that I have everything here at my office.

Thanks for your input though.