nowcasting help?


I wonder if we can start up a lil nowcast community so those of us in the field this year can lean on each other to be more succesful? Is there anyone willing to nowcast this year via cell or for us chasers to create a quasi organized now casting program ??

I suppose maybe Im asking to much. :D
I already have a select group of people that I normally try to help out on a regular basis. So naturally, the people who I have been helping for the past year or so will get priority status.

But there will likely be many days in which I'm not helping anyone. At least that's how it worked out last season. On those days, I wouldn't mind helping out someone else at all.

But I usually try not to get involved with more than 2 chasers on a given day, as I've found more than 2 is just too many. I have had days where I was trying to help 3 or 4 people and that was just far too stressful. Plus, being I had my time and attention split between so many, I didn't feel I could provide the quality needed in such situations.

So again, I am willing to help anyone who needs it, so long as I don't have 2 people already promised when asked.

I will be chasing from May 21st - May 31st, and would like to have someone to call if I need some nowcasting. I would be more than happy to return the favor, if I can make time during my work.
Rats, tried to post to this once but must've just previewed, not submitted. I'm interested in getting into nowcasting, but I know I'm a long, long way from being knowledgeable enough to do it alone in support of chasers in the field. So I was wondering if there were any openings for "junior assistant nowcasters" ("apprentice nowcasters"?) working to support a "master" nowcaster? Maybe someone like me could take on some time-consuming drudge work (data retrieval?) that may not require a lot of knowledge, but would take some time, freeing up the main nowcaster to support folks in the field? I don't know if such folks would need to be co-located or if they could work over the 'net (using internet talk capabilities you wouldn't even need to tie up phone lines).

I'm in Olathe, KS, and I've got high-speed internet and a willingness to help!
Willing to Help

I would be willing to help out with the Nowcasting. I did that a couple of times last year with some limited success. I even forcasted that a supercell near Concordia KS would have tornadoes. One word of warning though...Surgery.

I'm planning to have a cochlear implant done for my left ear on April 14. That means I will be in recovery for about five days afterwards.Then I will be "single ear" for about four weeks until my hook-up date.

I will still be able to hear most people on the phone with my right ear. I have DSL Internet connection, STORM PREDATOR radar software and Professional WX WORX software to keep track of the storms, warnings, etc. I have attended two storm spotters classes this Spring and have become well versed in observing cloud formations and storm patterns.

Drop a PM if you are planning to chase in the NE, KS area this Spring. It will be a real thrill for me to guide you to a successful tornado chase this Spring. Hopefully I would be able to move on to a storm chasing career. Thanks. LJK.
It would be excellent to have some help here in the deep south. I've put out a couple of feelers via pm's to ST members, but have had no responses so far.

I certainly understand that when the plains are firing, anything down here would be sub-priority.

There are many cases when ambushes are the most practical methods here, but on the occasions when supercells (or some of the amazing mini-sups I've witnessed) are scattering, a nowcaster could really help make good imagery from this area more frequent.

Dave Gallaher
Huntsville, AL
I would be willing to Now Cast for somebody this season as my schedule permits. Due to high cost of gas, I will probably play it close to home this season, so if theres not something happening in my neck of the woods, I will probably be able to NOWcast. I have a DSL connection with GRlevel3.
You are all stealing business from Tim and should be ashamed of yourselves. Just kidding. If anyone wants any nowcasting on days that are not in the plains, I would be more than glad to help out as long as I am not busy that day. Just send me a PM a day or two before the chase so I can let you know if I will be available.