Now: 2/17/06: Damaging Winds In The Northeast

Major gradient with Strong Pre- and post-FROPA winds are affecting Western New York. The whole area is spreading east quickly with the strong cold front. A small line of convection also recently developed. 1 hour temperature falls of 10-20 degrees per hour are occurring.
Of most significance are the gusty winds. Most NWS Offices are expecting damaging winds with these gusts today. Take a look at some of the wild winds!!

So far today the following wind gusts have occurred.
Rochester: 77 mph at 6:57am EST!!!!
Buffalo: 54 mph
Dunkirk: 55 mph
Niagra Falls: 52 mph
Jamestown: 48 mph

Elmira: 54 mph at 8am
Wellsville: 48 mph at 8am
Fulton: 52 mph at 8am
Syracuse: 56 mph at 8am
Interestingly, these widespread 50-60mph winds are associated with a line of strong convection moving into Central NY. With tempes in the 50's and low 60's now, I am very surprised that there is no Severe Thunderstorm Watch (and local warnings) in effect. It is obviously a convective event as well as synoptic. If ALL stations weren't reporting 50-60mph winds with the passage of the line, then maybe it wouldn't be warranted. But in this case I think it was/is.
Fulton, NY: 75 mph gust at 8:00am
Penn Yan, NY: 61 mph at 8:31am
Rochester: 57 mph at 8:13am
Syracuse: 62 mph at 8:13am
Utica: 52 mph at 8:38am
I'm watching the front on . Pretty amazing, lots of 50mph gust on home weather stations. Type in a town in upstate NY and scroll down to the google map link. Looks like temps are about to drop in Albany.