Non contact infrared thermometers and cloud bases

I recently got myself a non contact IR thermometer. Now I am wondering whether it is possible to measure the temperatures of the cloud bases? I have done some test readings and they look promising(like temperature of cirrus clouds corresponding to 5 miles height). However, can you point me some tips how to measure the clouds if the measurement is actually possible. Should I change emissivity(it is 0.95 by default)?

It's optics ratio is 1:1 (distance:spot), full range accuracy ±2% of reading or 2°C whichever is greater.

I apologize if I posted this in wrong category.
I checked the manual and it didn't say any specific distances. I guess things would be fine when it would be widespread cloud coverage with stable base height. Readings are quite logic as well...
The only problem is the you can't target a specific area as it reads a very wide area. The one I have reads a 1 inch area at 12 inches away. The farther out you go, the wider the area that it reads is. So, at 5 miles or so, I imagine its reading a very large portion of the sky. Its 2:11 am am here with clear skies and I just pointed mine up at the stars. It read -1 degree F. I just checked NWS and it says the air temp is 17 F. So I'm not sure if that is a good reading or not.
You probably got some terrestial objects on it. Since I live in a farm, I can access some flat areas. I have gotten readings near -40°F for clear sky while temperature is in 30's.

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