New Orleans used as Xenia, OH

Oct 16, 2006
Near Wilmington, NC
I was watching "Seconds from Disaster" on the ole DVR last night and it was about the 1974 super-outbreak. While they were doing some re-enactments of people looking for missing family, etc., I noticed, with ease, that the location of the shoot was none other than post-Katrina New Orleans. It was plain as day unless my eyes deceived me. Some guy was driving around what was supposed to be a completely wrecked Xenia, OH looking for his daughter- but it was clearly the streets of New Orleans and many flooded, busted up, dried out homes and rubble. They even had a guy playing Ted Fujita doing damage surveys and it was too in New Orleans.

Anyone else see this? I just thought it was odd and out of place- but then again, not sure how many people in the general populus would have noticed such a thing. Who would have ever thought that post-Katrina New Orleans would serve as a location to shoot post-tornado Xenia, OH?
I saw this show when it premiered last year. I remember being quite disappointed in the production of the episode (couldn't finish recording it). Don't quite remember how the re-enactment scenes played out, but I recall some other inaccuracies and generalizations.