Need a chase partner

Feb 8, 2004
Detroit, MI
Hello all,

I am looking for a chase partner this year to chase on the Plains. Anybody planning on taking a chase vacation to the plains this year, just drop me a PM or an email and I will get in touch with you.

I have quite a bit of equipment, including a Laptop with Mapping software, etc.

I have been chasing for over three years throughout the Great Lakes. I will be graduating from high school, next year.

This will be my first year chasing on the plains, and I would love to get in touch with a expierenced chaser who is willing to show a begginer some knowledge.

Of course, I will be willing to split all costs of chasing (i.e. Gas, Lodging, etc.)

You can visit my site at


I'm pretty much in the same situation without the same 3 years of chasing experience in the great lakes, but I am willing to pay for all gas costs. PM or email me if interested. Looking for possibly someone with experience to show me the ropes in chasing the plains. Im 19, turning 20 soon, by the way.
-Alex Fisher
Needs chase partner

I'll be chasing all over Iowa and in the plains this year; I've got the experience just need the $$! :lol:
Hey guys. Well Alex i take it you dont have a vehicle. if you did i would say i might let you tag along.

Craig I hope we can chase this year bro. Ill be leaving the 28th of April as of Now. My cars full for most of May. But if you hook up with terry or something let me know will have some good chases instead of the May 19th IA bust we had. Terry said hes gearing up for this season i dont know when his start date is but it would be cool catch up with you all. Nick how long are you planning on staying out on the plains?
I would also like to tag along or caravan with a chaser this year. My friends like to come with, but it would be nice to have somebody along who knows what they are looking at instead of "aren't these blue skies and puffy little clouds bad to see during a chase?"

Anyway, I've got two years of experience, a four seater hatchback with laptop/gps/cell data, ham rig/scanner, wx radio, and anemometer. I'm based out of the Chicago area and will be in school this season but I'm fair game if its a weekend chase or day I have off from class.
Chase partner

Kurt, we will definitely get some good chases in this year! I'll have plenty of money to chase in eastern Nebraska, ALL of Iowa, etc. but may only have enough money to make 1 or 2 trips down to Oklahoma/Texas. I do expect my first chase this year to be in March (I hope) down in Oklahoma/Texas.

Skip, Look me up if you ever chase in Iowa or want to team up to chase down in the southern plains.