Billy Griffin

Hi everyone.

Just recently purchased some new photography equipment (upgrades) and now have the following equipment for sale. Please note: ALL of this equipment is less than six months old and is in MINT condition operationally and cosmetically.

If interested, please PM or email me with an offer. Here's what's up for sale this week on Bill's Best Buys: :)

Canon EOS 30-D 8.2 MP Digital Camera with tons of accessories

Canon GL-2 3CCD Video Camera with tons of accessories

Sigma 10-20mm Super-Wide zoom lens

Tamron 17-55 f2.8 zoom lens

Genuine Canon camera bag

Dell Latitude X-1 with memory upgrades, tons of software, etc.

scanners, ham radios, etc. - lots of stuff for sale!

Again, most everything I can think of is less than six months old, still under warranty, still have original boxes, receipts, etc.


* Email: [email protected]
Still have this Dell Latitude X-1 for sale that I'm willing to let go at a good price. It's the perfect chasing laptop - small, yet large memory, tons of software, still under warranty and in mint condition. Original price was about $1300, but will accept a reasonable offer.
Still have a Canon EOS 30D body for sale - with battery grip.
Camera still under warranty and in mint condition.

I've sold all lenses, but I also have the Canon GL-2 3CCD digital video camera for sale.

Make offer by PM or email.

Selling the Canon EOS 30-D camera body
Selling a Sigma 50-500mm super-telephoto zoom lens

will make good sale price as package for both... mint condition

also have a Canon GL-2 video camera for sale

PM or email to make offer
UPDATE - - -

Sigma 50-500mm AF Lens (the big mama) in perfect condition with padded case... $500 firm. I will pay the shipping!

Canon EOS 30-D 8.2MP Digital Camera (body only) in mint condition (with battery grip)... $750 firm. I will pay shipping! Includes Canon camera bag.

Canon GL-2 3CCD Digital Video Camera (with case, filters, extra battery, software, cables)... $1000 firm. I will pay shipping!
Ham radio equipment is all sold. Only item left for sale is the Canon EOS 30-D with battery grip. Camera is 8.2 megapixel BODY ONLY in perfect condition and still under full Canon warranty. Asking $750 firm.

Includes genuine Canon camera bag, software, cables, battery grip, and original accessories.

Good deal on a GREAT camera!
For those still looking for a deal - I'm now selling my Canon GL-2 and the Canon EOS 30-D as "make me an offer."
$1000 gets the GL-2 with ALL accessories, bag, etc. etc.

$750 gets the EOS 30-D with all accessories, bag, etc. etc.

$1500 = you get 'em both!

* I will pay shipping and do NEXT-DAY UPS on it!
Sent you an email last night thru your web site. I am definitely interested in the 30D package. I just want to be sure there are no hot pixels and everything is fully functional. How much was it used ?
Thanks . . . . Tom
Thanks everyone, but all the equipment has been sold. As far as being "TOO good to be TRUE," I suppose the ones who purchased the equipment from me will have to vouch for that. I think everyone has been fairly pleased with the equipment I've dealt and sold. Minus a few shipping hiccups, I believe all has gone rather well.