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FOR SALE: Panasonic Pro AG-DVC20 3CCD Camera & Mountainsmith bag

I have decided to sell my non-HD video equipment to recoup the costs of my new HD camera and thus I have put my Panasonic AG-DVC20 3CCD camera up for sale on ebay.

This camera and bag has served me faithfully and the only reason I am selling it is because I have purchased a new HD camera. This is the perfect camera for any semi-pro videographer or serious amateur that is transitioning into a professional cameras.

I have had the camera gone over with a fine tooth comb by Bedford's Cameras in Rogers, AR to make sure it is in 100% factory quality. Save for a few scratches on the exterior this camera is as good as new!

If you have any questions please email me at [email protected] or PM me here.

Contents included:

1 Panasonic AG-DVC20 camera
1 Panasonic battery & charger
1 Mountainsmith Reflex II camera bag (size xxl)

Product Descriptions


Manufacturer Description The AG-DVC20 DV camcorder delivers highly professional results with easy operation. The shoulder-held design keeps it stable when recording sports,weddings, or other events. The 3CCD camera system, Advanced Color Pure Engine, and 10x optical zoom lens deliver professional-level, high-quality images. And the navigation menu makes operation one-touch easy. The AG-DVC20 has the competitive advantage of being a highly affordable, shoulder-mounted camera with no competition at its price level. AG-DVC20 Highlights

The AGDVC20 is easy to configure and connect. See configuration options in detail. 3CCD and Advanced Color Pure Engine
A 3CCD optical system is an absolute prerequisite for a professional-level camera. The AG-DVC20 combines this with the digital processing Advanced Color Pure Engine to capture consistently sharp, vivid images.
10x optical zoom lens and 500x digital zoom
The AG-DVC20 comes with a powerful 10x optical zoom lens and adds a digital zoom function that provides ultra-telephoto zooming all the way to 500x. Its large multi-speed zoom rocker is conveniently positioned on the handle grip for easy, responsive zoom operation.
Shoulder-held design
The AG-DVC20 features a convenient shoulder-held design, extra-large handle grip, fingertip zoom control, and LCD panel and viewfinder for easy framing and viewing. A shoulder-mounted camera yields more stable images with minimal hand shaking, earns that "on the job respect," and the larger body size also acts as a deterrent against theft.
Easy operation menu
One-touch navigation The cursor key and linked LCD icon display make it easy to set the recording mode and play back the results. This smart, easy operation switches the display to match the mode, for Auto, Manual, or Play.
Multilingual menu English, Chinese (simplified or traditional characters), Arabic, Persian, or Spanish.

Color Night View and Zero Lux Night View
The Color Night View mode produces bright, vivid colors even in dimly-lit locations. The LCD panel can also be used as a light source for shooting in total darkness with the Zero Lux Night View mode.

Power LCD
The AG-DVC20 features a bright 2.5-inch color LCD monitor. When shooting under strong sunlight, just press the Power LCD switch to increase the LCD brightness for a clearer, crisper view.
Auto/Manual focus switch
Choose Auto for super-easy recording, or Manual to adjust the focus manually with the focus ring and give yourself full control over the aperture and shutter speed. Switching from Auto focus to Manual focus is easily accomplished by pushing down a spring loaded slide switch to the Focus position. Push again to switch back to Manual focus mode.
Full range of easy-to-use functions

  • Two batteries supplied
  • Trigger and zoom lever on top handle grip
  • Built-in stereo microphone
  • IEEE 1394 DV in/out terminal
  • Video and S-video out
  • Mic in and audio out
  • Digital EIS (Electronic Image Stabilizer)

Mountainsmith Reflex II XXL Camera Bag:

Traditional photographer's case designed for everything from still photography equipment to video gear. Unique rubber bottom offers uncompromising protection against wear, impact and the elements. It features a push button quick-release buckle secures the top flap, large water resistant pocket, fleece lined and padded interior, adjustable internal dividers, laminated mesh zippered pocket under the lid, zippered pocket with key clip and organizational dividers, rear note pad sleeve, detachable padded shoulder strap, and protective, durable injection molded rubber bottom. Durability features include YKK zippers, Hypalonâ„¢ reinforcements, 420d Velocity nylon body fabric, and 430d Ballistic nylon reinforcements.

Dimensions: 8.5" x 19" x 10.5"

Capacity: 1587 cu. In.


LINK TO THE AUCTION: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260537674573
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Well I was going to throw in 2 but the camera just sold with out the addition.

Its been posted in two auctions now so if this person doesn't pay I will repost it again.
I see that person was not a registered user (at least per the side section on the auction history), Bart. I would be weary of that....may not see your money.
I see that person was not a registered user (at least per the side section on the auction history), Bart. I would be weary of that....may not see your money.
The last person that won the most recent repost has 100% positive responses with 45 feedback. I already know I am not going to see the money for the first auction as the guy claimed that he couldn't send the money until I sent him a shipping conformation. The address he gave me was in Nigeria, LOL.