Models and forecasting.

I'm curious to know what materials there are out there on teh internets that could help me understand how to read and use the various models that you use for chase predictions.
Well, I first check my own server - That usually has data around 10 minutes sooner than RAP/UCAR, provided I'm not having any latency issues.

Then, would come RAP/UCAR, due to it's obvious speed and simple layout.

If I like what I see on RAP/UCAR, I wait awhile and then head over to COD (they usually update after RAP)... They have TONS of fields to look at, and are great for an in depth analysis.

I also use the basic NCEP site: which seems to update pretty fast.

As for Unisys - I hate it, LOL... They are usually the last to update, and I just don't like the layout at all.

I then look at the Euro models:
And the Canadian models:
Global GEM:
Regional GEM:

I use the Euro/Canadian models to see if they are in agreement with the U.S. models... Other than that, the Euro/Canadian models don't have instability fields or even wind speeds in image format.