Mobile Threat Net update v1.31 available

I just checked yesterday and it wasn’t there.

Now that is awesome finally the update came out. they were saying it wouldn’t come out till March some time. Thanks Shelia

Any way Those of us who have the WXWorx program need to bombard them with emails telling them what all else we would like on it :lol: . I personally wouldn’t mind seeing watch boxes and WV. sure a few other things but those are my biggest.
I'd like to see the watch/warning text available as well.

Looks like they have fronts (cold,warm, dryline, stationary) as well now. From the documentation it looks like you can show them at different projected times as well. :)
Having just purchased Wx Worx last month I really have not had an opportunity to see everything it can do. I downloaded the 1.31 update last week, I was a little bit dissapointed in their "Satellite". It seems to me they could have done a little better than their accuwx want-a-be imagery. The first day I fired it up there was a large area of fog and stratus covering the central plains and there imagery showed absolutely nothing. Perhaps it will work a little better during the warm season.

During my correspondence with my mobile threat net salesman, I did ask him if there were any plans to add SPC products (SWODY,MCD,Watch text). He said there have been discussions regarding the addition of the SPC products but nothing more than talk at this point.
As well all talk about the high price and the smoothed radar not being as good as GRLevel3. Its still worth it i feel in the long run. The SAT and ECHO tops Start at 5000 feet and works its way up thats proabably why you didnt see the fog on the screen. IT's better when your out in the middle of no where to have some sort of data than non at all. even though we all should still rely on our gut and expereince. ITs just an added feature to help cut down on some of the frustration stress.