Memorable chase video quotes

There are purely memorable quotes in here, as well as entertaining ones.

"Oh, I hope she's in her basement. Oh, god. Damn!" -- 3/28(?)/90, unknown man, Nebraska tornado approaching a neighborhood

"Thank you, God!" -- 4/26/91, Bobby Prentice, one of several holy graces uttered as storm intensifies, would later produce the Red Rock F5

"It's the poster boy for the American Cancer Society." -- 1995, Roger Edwards, as a Kansas hick pulls his car up into nighttime lightning FOV and lights up a cigarette

"Look at that nose sticking out from under the door." -- May 1985, Jim Leonard, after returning from Gotebo, looking at dog snout barking underneath garage door in Edmond

"WHOA!" -- 6/9,95, Gene Rhoden, as tornado develops 200 yards away near Vernon

"OOOOUUURRRGGGHHH!!! DUH TORNADO!!" -- 6/8/95, Tim Marshall, jaw dropping as Kellerville tornado emerges a mile wide

"Where are my pants?" - crazy farmer from Columbus NE

"There's a tornado right out my back door" - I think this was from Arkansas, maybe Jan 1999, the accent is what makes it memorable

"I hate Oklahoma" - Carmen OK 5/17/1995

"There's a big...thingamabobber out there" - from a waterspout video, the woman filming obviously didn't know or couldn't remember what a tornado over water was called

"Is there any way you could call me back in about three hours?" - Dave Ewoldt very calmly over the phone to someone as the Happy TX tornado was spinning up on 5/5/2002 - the person on the other end of the line wouldn't have had the slightest idea what was going on right in front of Dave's windshield.
"I'M TEN FEET FROM IT! I'M TEN FEET FROM IT!" - Anonymous drunk guy, unknown date, unknown location (at a lake cabin in, I think, Minnesota).

"Uggghhhh...I think I got struck." - Anonymous not so smart guy, Fritch, Texas, June 27, 1992.

"If there is a tornado today, I'll eat my hat." - Anonymous meteorologist, Norman, OK, around noon on May 3, 1999.
"we have a tornado on the ground"... almost every chaser who has uttered this obvious saying (I am guilty as charged) . if its a tornado. ofcourse its on the ground. :roll:
(Correct me if I'm wrong here, Tim M.!)

Tim Marshall, 05/08/03; (Whilst speeding away from the Osage City barrel tornado as it stomped across the landscape towards them at 50mph)...

Bystander: "This is awesome!!"

Tim, as they pass in the car: "Yes it is!.......don't get caught in it......"

"Which one of you is Warren Faidley?"

A quote spoken in an inquisitive tone by a chaser who stopped by the side of the road near Memphis TX. while Tim V. and I were out shooting lightning in 1997.

"Is there supposed to be a tornado?"

...Roadside question from a local as I observed a wall cloud in eastern CO on 990610.

One unknown chaser to, I think, David Drummond, on the morning of, I think, 030508:

"Is Norman launching an 18Z balloon today?"


"I dunno.....maybe they ran out of balloons!"

"Whoa! Major footage!"

"Everybody get under something!"

"God! You can hear it coming!"

---All uttered by the same guy filming the approach of an Iowa tornado in what I believe was 1995 (it's on the TVC 3 video).
Originally posted by Tim Vasquez

\"Oh, I hope she's in her basement. Oh, god. Damn!\" -- 3/28(?)/90, unknown man, Nebraska tornado approaching a neighborhood

The date was 3-13-90 :D

\"Look at that nose sticking out from under the door.\" -- May 1985, Jim Leonard, after returning from Gotebo, looking at dog snout barking underneath garage door in Edmond

Watched that one a few nights ago - very obscure quote, nice addition to this list :p

\"WHOA!\" -- 6/9,95, Gene Rhoden, as tornado develops 200 yards away near Vernon

I actually thought of this one first, as soon as I read the topic - and here it is 8)

another one I just thought of from one of my chase the group is watching a storm in the TX panhandle a white Pontiac Grand Am speeds by and suddenly pulls over. out of the car steps this guy smoking a pipe, who walks over to the group and says

"Have you guys seen Warren?"

so one guy in my chase partner's group says

"Warren? I don't know Warren. Ohhhh you mean Faidley! Yeah we saw him this morning while we were eating at Deeny's..uhhhh...Denny's.

later on they were talking about where they thought the storm was headed

"I'm thinking Doo-mas"
"Yeah I was up there doing some core punching. Hehehehehehehehehehehehe.

That guys laugh was strange and disturbing. But it was one of the funniest things I've ever seen on a chaser's video.
Sorry folks, had to add this one......

May 9th, 2003, Oklahoma City, 10.30pm; we get hooked by atomised rain and realise something's not quite "right";

Karen: "What's going on?"

Tim: "Just a little tornado."

"You're going to run into him!!.......... God!!"

Amy Castor to husband Val as he swerved to avoid a police car in southwest Oklahoma City on May 3, 1999.
A couple of personal classics from 1996:

"Crunch, crunch, crunch...."
ad infinitum.

A guy who chased with us that year who taped his entire trip from the time he was backing out of his driveway onward, all the while with the clear sound of pork rinds being consumed along the journey.

"CJ! CJ!"
While core punching a storm in southeastern NE, one of our partners yells this when a blinding CG strikes within 100 feet or so of our vehicles.

"Oh S@#T!!!"
Too numerous to count. :)


A couple of other notable quotes from other well known videos:

"Laverne's gonna get nailed!"

"This is big time...I'm gonna need backup on this one."

"It's uh lil' tahnada"

"they'll follow a creek or river"

"Look at the whip in that sucker....look at that twirlin' action"

"Fellas, we're gonna be on TV!"

"Oh Dear Jesus, please take away this tornado, oh Lord, save us from..."

"Go for it tornado!"



With CG's striking around him Neal Ras says calmly.. this is my living will I leave everything to my brother.. dramatic pause............. TEXAS GETS NOTHING!!
One line that gets me chuckling is Neal's Chickasha tornado video where he goes to lower the tripod legs to elimate the wind.

"Gonna lower the tripod legs to try to elimate the wind.... Oh here let me give you that MTV look.... Oh it's MTV... Wow... Tornado... Whoa...." Then says something real fast) "Ok enough sillyness... sorry about that folks, just couldn't resist...."

And then a few minutes later he yells "Just like on the weather channel!"


And of course we all know the "Debris! Debris! Tornado! Passing right in front of us!" saying from Erik Rasmussen, when a tornado was crossing the road in front of them back in '81.
too many toys

Steve Miller and I came over a ridge last May 15 and found two wall clouds hugging the ground-- the Stratford wedge was about to touch down. The dash camera shows the view out front, but off-camera, I was apparently screwing around with a phone or my laptop or some other gadget or gizmo.

As the wedge was about to kick up its first spray of dust, I mumbled a curse about some techno-problem and Steve said, "Dude, we don't NEED any more DATA!" :D :D

I remember in 2000 when I was in De Moine, IOWA we had the sirens going off, we were parked under a gas station and this gust of wind blew a few maccy d's containers and stuff down the road. I shouted "we have debris" and I was not allowed to forget that for the next two weeks. I guess it was the excitment of it all!! :oops:
April 26 1991 Near the soon to be redrock f4/5 wedge

Bobby Prentice, Gene Rhoden, and another chaser are broken down on the road-not funny at the time, but the comments made are funny 13 years after the fact

Bobby: Gene, help him
Bobby: Get the starting fluid! get the starting fluid

Sorry Gene, but it is funny video. :)
More notable quotes:

"From behind the tree please!!" Tim Marshall orders a tornado to emerge from behind a tree. Also, "Ten, I love it ten" and "I'm comin to Kansas every year!" -after seeing ten tornadoes in a row on May 26, 1991. All from his 1991 Kansas Tornado Video.

"I was visitin mother and I came around the Catholic Church and god damn there was a tornado." Resident of Canadian, TX - May 7, 1986.

"I'm glad I took today off (work)" - Robert Prentice - April 16, 1991.

"This is serious" - Chuck Robertson after a close lightning bolt hits as vehicle gets pounded by baseball hail.
"OOOOUUURRRGGGHHH!!! DUH TORNADO!!" -- 6/8/95, Tim Marshall, jaw dropping as Kellerville tornado emerges a mile wide


"Look at this . . . (in voice of Kermit thee Frog) Gene WIPER PLEASE, WIPERS, WIPERS . . . HOLY COW! . . "

awesome :wink:
June 23, '02, Roger Hill:
"Stop stop stop... It's right next to us! Oh god... No, go ahead, go, go ahead, please..."

On that same occasion Roger said: "You came close to death right here" :shock:

The people in Moore are saying "Oh no, not again!"

-Grant Hicks, September 7, 2001 squall line.

Remember what I said about Moore not getting hit again? Yeah, skrap that, that was (crap).

-Grant Hicks, May 8, 2003.