Installation/Upgrade of Windows 10 Spotter Network Client

Mar 16, 2004
New Zealand
Getting setup for the 2019 chase season, but can't seem to install the Windows Client on my new Windows 10 laptop from the web site - I get this error message <see file>. The Client installed quite happily from an older .exe file I had stored on the previous machine, version 3.0.9 - but when I open it, although it works fine, I'm getting the suggestion to upgrade to version 3.1.4 - but when I do that I get the same error message again.

As far as I can see I have the same administrator privileges on both machines for Program Files <x86> and 3.1.4 installed quite happily on the older Windows 10 machine.

Can anyone help?

Thanks, Peter


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If both Windows 10 machines are on the same version, then it likely is a rights issue. I assume you right-clicked and selected 'run as administrator' for the install?