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Windows Client Issues

Not sure how many folks are using the Windows Client (I have used it for years). I am trying to spin up a new machine for use in the chase van ... on Windows 10. It initially seemed to work OK, but, it is now looking very confused. Despite having a solid internet connection, it initially comes up and says there is no internet connection. Then it starts displaying communications log entries consisting of only rectangles. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling ... but, I think the uninstall did not clear things out as well as it could have, so, I may try that again. I have attached some a picture of the Communications log and also the error log. Any ideas on how to resolve this?

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I did a complete uninstall and then installed again. The uninstall by itself was not deleting all of the configuration info (I am guessing some kind of permissions thing). It now appears to be working OK. My best guess is that a config file (or some other file) got corrupted somehow causing this ... by brute-forcing a complete uninstall the corruption was removed.
I’m going to alert @John Wetter to this issue as I no longer use the windows client.

The only thing I thought of is error number 5 seems to reference latitude; however cryptic it may be. Is your GPS source providing a signal to anything other than the SN Windows client?
My GPS is input to GPSGate which then outputs the GPS data to as many virtual com ports as I need. This setup has been working for many years on previous machines installed in the chase van. Since it is working now, not a big deal for me, But, of course, if there was a fix, that would be cool. Thanks.
In nearly every case of this happening there is a space at the beginning or ending of the user ID as entered in the client.