Inadequately Warned Ft. Lauderdale Tornado

Feb 19, 2021
Unfortunately, we are starting 2024 the way we ended 2023 with another poorly warned tornado. This time, in Ft. Lauderdale this evening.

Here is my write-up: This Evening's Ft. Lauderdale Tornado

Not included in the write-up are two items of interest to StormTrack readers.

The first is the ACARS sounding from the FLL Airport. It was an ideal tornado situation. The tornado passed just north of the airport about a half-hour after the sounding.

The second is a screen capture from one of two videos that show a classic lowering/wall cloud moving across FLL from west to east before the tornado formed.

This was an easy warning.


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Classic example of how freightingly unpredictable such events are. I was eating dinner when this happened, after chasing from north of Ft Myers to western parts of Ft Lauderdale (and giving up - The storms seemed to fall apart).

I tried, multiple times, in 2022 to alert the NWS to this problem to no avail. After 2024 started off with six poorly warned tornadoes I thought I should try again. I'm happy to report things went better this time.

Below is my letter to NOAA/NWS, their reply, and my comments. The Tornado Warning Mess -- National Service Replies I also direct your attention to the comment from the retired NWS meteorologist.

Any comments you have would be appreciated.