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tornado warnings

  1. Inadequately Warned Ft. Lauderdale Tornado

    Unfortunately, we are starting 2024 the way we ended 2023 with another poorly warned tornado. This time, in Ft. Lauderdale this evening. Here is my write-up: This Evening's Ft. Lauderdale Tornado Not included in the write-up are two items of interest to StormTrack readers. The first is the...
  2. James Spann on the Growing Issues Surrounding the Tornado Warning Program

    James Spann published an insightful article on the growing issues in the tornado warning system. I thought it might be of interest to StormTrack readers. It is here: Too Many Warnings; Too Much Hype
  3. 75th Anniversary of the Woodward Tornado

    Today is the 75th anniversary of one of the most terrifying events in tornado history: the "Woodward" Tornado. I put Woodward in quotes because, while the initial Weather Bureau investigation said it was a single tornado, more modern evidence indicates that it was more likely at least three and...