1. Inadequately Warned Ft. Lauderdale Tornado

    Unfortunately, we are starting 2024 the way we ended 2023 with another poorly warned tornado. This time, in Ft. Lauderdale this evening. Here is my write-up: This Evening's Ft. Lauderdale Tornado Not included in the write-up are two items of interest to StormTrack readers. The first is the...
  2. 1998-10-16 Yocemento KS Tornado

    Hello all, I bring to y’all another past tornado chase! On this day in 1998, a late season F3 tornado would impact area around Yocemento KS. Mike Umscheid, who would later become a meteorologist with NWS Dodge City, would capture almost the entire lifecycle of the tornado, eventually losing it...
  3. Olivier Staiger


    Hi, after a long long absence, I am back. So sorry.... ;-) Glad to see Stormtrack is still alive. Awesome. Makes me feel 20 years younger , hahahaha... OK, here is the thing. I am a stormchaser ( have chased the U.S. plains since Y2K , guided/driven for some tours for ETT and...
  4. Supercell Questions

    I've just read a couple of bits of information: that supercells can develop from non-supercell storms and that supercells can exist in squall lines. If that's not true, please do correct me (my sources were Google and Wikipedia). If that's the case, does that mean that supercell tornadoes and...
  5. Dust devils becoming tornadoes

    I have a book (that I got in the 90's), titled the "National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Weather", that makes a claim that still intrigues me to this day. It states, "Cumulus congestus clouds are sometimes seen above dust devils; on rare occasions the dust devil's rotating...
  6. Almena KS Tornado June 3 1999

    I bring tidings and a new tape transfer. Recently digitized some Hi8 tapes for Dr. Jay Antle, who gave me his blessings to share his video of the (in)famous Almena KS tornado from June 3 1999. Despite being a very well documented tornado, very few videos of it have made their way online, so why...
  7. June 24 2003 SE South Dakota Tornadoes by Eric Nguyen

    I finally remembered the password to my Stormtrack account. This day is pretty much synonymous with the Manchester area tornadoes, but in honor of 19 years a couple months ago, I was given permission to share Eric Nguyen’s videos of the Centerville area tornadoes (thank you Scott Currens), which...
  8. Connor Sipe

    I paint tornadoes and I'm selling prints

    What do you do when you can't chase Tornado Alley? Make your own perfect tornado shots. My painting hobby grew out of wish fulfillment for my own photography and I totally caught the bug. I have a bunch of tornado paintings in my Paintings collection on my Fine Art America page here, where you...
  9. Jamie Simms

    Anticyclonic tornado caught on camera in Kansas

    Storm chaser Kyle Cutler caught an anticyclonic tornado on camera in Kansas yesterday. In the video (watch here), you can see suction vortices dancing around the perimeter. Great catch by Kyle!
  10. Jamie Simms

    Storm chaser’s car ends up in ditch

    The individual involved appeared to be okay. Watch the moment a storm chaser’s car ends up in a ditch while chasing the Lockett, TX tornado here. I can assume that the driver of the car could have been speeding or didn’t break fast enough (possibly misjudged the road). I would love to know what...
  11. Jamie Simms

    Storm chaser drives wrong way down highway chasing tornado

    We cannot confirm the identity of the chaser involved. Watch a storm chaser drive the wrong way down a highway whilst chasing a tornado here.
  12. Tipping Vorticity Transitioning Into Tornado

    Hi Everyone, Over a four minute period last Friday evening (April 29), I captured a series of photos that appears to show vorticity near the surface tipping up and transitioning into a tornado. You may wish to check them out: Meteorologists: Tornado "Tipping Vorticity"
  13. Jeremy Gilchrist

    2022-05-04 REPORTS: TX

    We chased the cell that started up near Dumont and Paducah Texas. It spun off a couple of tubes including one that was anti-cyclonic next to the wall cloud. We ran out of solid road options to stay with it so got stuck on 204 to Truscott, TX which was a dirt road. The next tornado spawned and...
  14. Jamie Simms

    Storm chaser’s apartment hit by Andover, Kansas tornado yesterday

    I really want to help this chaser, but don't know where to start. According to a tweet posted by storm chaser Ryan Pitt, his apartment was hit by the tornado that struck Andover, Kansas yesterday. His wife was in the apartment when it was hit, but she's okay THANKFULLY! <3 You can find out...
  15. Jamie Simms

    Oklahoma City media truck allegedly tailgates storm chaser

    According to a tweet posted by storm chaser Brett Roberts, an Oklahoma City (OKC) media truck tailgated the chaser for 10 miles. You can read the tweet Roberts posted here. Really interested to hear your thoughts!?
  16. Jeff Duda

    2022 Stormtrack forecast contest - $100 prize

    We are proud to announce a forecasting contest on Stormtrack for the year 2022. The theme of this year's contest is similar to those from past years, but with a twist. We will award a $100 prize to the contestant that comes closest to predicting the number of tornadoes during the most-active...
  17. EVENT: 12-25-21 CA

    Tornado struck the western suburbs of Santa Barbara Christmas evening. Link to news story and radar image here:
  18. Meteorologists Get Credit for Saving Lives in Kentucky

    The Poynter Institute has published an excellent story pertaining to a television meteorologists, and his team, that saved many lives in the Kentucky tornadoes of December 10. It is here: Meet the local news meteorologist whose forecast saved lives in Kentucky - Poynter My only complaint is...
  19. S Klein

    Size Vs Strength?

    Hey all! I usually just ask a few spotter and/or meteorologist friends, and look through mine and others' photos, video, and radar data when I can't determine what I saw, but this particular instance has been bugging me and I wanted to share and see what anyone here might have to say. For the...
  20. Gavin Groth

    At least 3 fatalities; 7 injuries, from 2/5/2020-2/6/2020 severe wx event.

    Unfortunately I have been looking through the filtered severe weather reports and I noticed more fatalities and injuries from the most recent severe weather event. This event, of course stemmed from yesterdays enhanced risk, and the slight risk on 2/5/2020. One of the fatalities was tornado...