Hurricane Katrina Full Chase Log Online

Good day everyone,

Hurricane Katrina is gone but left irreparable damage on the northern Gulf Coast and lives of many unfortunate people permanently destroyed. This was a disaster of "biblical" proportions and far worse than this contry has seen in a very long time. My heart goes out to all affected.

With that said, I was involved in one of the most thorough and intense hurricane chases I ever did in my life for Katrina.

A FULL and DETAILED chase log with frightening personal anecdote, many, MANY pictures / maps / meteograms, and even on-line video samples in REAL PLAYER format is available at the link below...

A short photo essay with a few select pictures from the Katrina interception "spree" is presented in the remainder of this post.


The first "intercept" was in South Florida as Hurricane Katrina first came ashore in Broward County as a 80-MPH minimal hurricane on the afternoon 8-25-2005. Palm trees blow in 75-80 MPH winds in the above picture.


The waterproof enclosure I built for my HDR-FX1 camcorder allowed some up-close and personal surf shots in waist-deep water along the shore as Katrina hits S Florida.


The picture above shows the "eye" of Hurricane Katrina north of Miami and south of Fort Lauderdale as you looked skyward. Pressure measured during the relative calm was 986 MB.


The hurricane crossed FL and then went into the Gulf of Mexico on 8-26-2005, chaser Jim Edds with our group did a flight (he works as a CBS affiliate) aboard the Hurricane Hunter Gulfstream IV jet (in the picture above)!


The final "intercept" of Hurricane Katrina, now a stong category 4 storm was done west of Biloxi, Mississippi on 8-29-2005. The winds begin as I try to stand in them above near the MS Coast Coliseum.


Rapidly rising surge waters and debris flood the entrance to the Coliseum parking lot off Highway 90. The waterproof HDR-FX1 enclosure worked great in this storm!


Eyewall and 140-MPH plus winds hit. Storm surge rising very fast. And YES, that is a boat going across the parking lot and knocking down a street lamp post!


Water keeps rising in seconds, storm surge was around 30 feet ABOVE the Gulf of Mexico (Largest storm surge ever in the USA). The arena parking lot is at least 20 feet above sea level and that is clearly NOT enough. Cars are floating and thunking around now outside the lobby windows!


Lower walls of Coliseum collapse from wave and surge stresses. Cars now washing away and slamming into the breached openings in the wall of the Coliseum first floor. Video is eerie and very humbling as dogs are barking over the roaring winds and people are crying with fear.


Water finally going down after eye of Hurricane Katrina passes. Note the water mark on the Coliseum first floor lobby wall!


Damage left behind in Biloxi and Gulfport was sickening to look at. This is a casino barge washed ashore from the Gulf. Mother Nature sure was a wiseass today ... Highway 90 looks like an earthquake hit it, sections of Highway 90 simply NO LONGER THERE.

Learn and view more of this devastating storm on my web site (plus other links / accounts given below)... (my site) (Jim Edds site) (Jeff Gammons site)

Thanks, and stay safe! Make sure you consider visiting and be generous (I did) ... And God bless all.

Chris C - KG4PJN
Very interesting, Chris! Thanks for posting this great summary of your experiences with Katrina; that segment of video where you're (trying to) stand in the wind is absolutely amazing. I'm sure the research flight was way up there on the list of unforgettable experiences with this storm -- I'm jealous :) . Glad y'all are safe and congratulations on another successful chase!