Home made mobile laptop desk

Had nothing to do this weekend while I wait for my wife to give birth (any day now) so I built a mobile laptop desk. I had just been throwing the laptop in the seat but it kept sliding around. I kept having to bend over to look at stuff. And it just didn't look very good.

Some left over plywood from another project, a trip to radioshack for some parts, $10 in carpet from AutoZone and I was in business. (Relay system, not visable, stolen from David Drummond's install)

[Broken External Image]:[URL]http://www.allisonhouse.com/albums/ChaseEquip/aad.thumb.jpg[/url][Broken External Image]:[URL]http://www.allisonhouse.com/albums/ChaseEquip/aae.thumb.jpg[/url][Broken External Image]:[URL]http://www.allisonhouse.com/albums/ChaseEquip/aaf.thumb.jpg[/url]

There's two parts to it so I can take it out of the car and store it when I have to. The flat desk part that has a cubby hole used as a seat support. And the main box where all the electrical work is done.

The main box has an Inverter, all the fuses, and two switches. One relay works the inverter and GPS unit(s) one relay works the radio equipment (not shown).

With the lid up everything is stable and nothing goes sliding off onto the floor! Whoo hoo! And if I close the lid I can still get to the glove box just in case.