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I am having a terrible time setting up my Camera. Windows XP will not recognize the camera at all. The quick instruction guide states that the PTP WIA driver/PTP TWAIN driver will not be installed because the operating system driver is used. I plug the USB port in the camera and turn the camera on and the system says "new hardware found". I have tried everything and cannot get the computer to recognize the camera. I have some photos that I took and I really would like to see them. I know this may seem like a dumb post but I really would appreciate any help from XTi owners with XP pro.
Jason- Have you installed the Canon software that came with it? I would try that, and see if it will load then. I had trouble also, but once I installed the software it worked.
Did you install the software that came with the camera? If you did, try uninstalling that and just plugging the camera in. XP should just recognize the camera and at the least, be able to show the files on the memory card.

If you didn't install the software, well, install it.

On another note, I highly recommend investing in a multi-card reader so you don't have to constantly plug in the camera. Just remove your memory card and insert that into the card reader.
I installed the software twice and still nothing. I will try uninstalling and see what that does. Thanks for the quick response guys. To my knowledge the EOS solutions disk only installs the software like photo professional 2.2, EOS utility, photostitch, etc.
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Try uninstalling and then just plug the camera in. Wait for XP to work its magic and your camera should show up as a driver letter under "My Computer."

If that doesn't work try restoring your computer to before you installed any camera software. Go from there, first without installing any software.
plugged the camera into my laptop without any software installed and BINGO it worked! Now all I have to do is get it to do the same for my desktop. Thanks for the help, I truly appreciate it!
My desktop computer still refuses to recognize the camera. Actually, it's probably time for a fresh install for XP. Maybe the OS driver that runs the camera is corrupted or missing?
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Tried a restore point from 5 days ago and still no recognition from computer. I'm just baffled???????
Don't get me wrong -- I encourage you to keep trying to fix it. However, unless you need to control your camera with your PC or something, I'd just buy a cheap $20 CF card reader and use that instead. They generally transfer faster.
Don't get me wrong -- I encourage you to keep trying to fix it. However, unless you need to control your camera with your PC or something, I'd just buy a cheap $20 CF card reader and use that instead. They generally transfer faster.

That's what I've decided to do. I'm frustrated to no end! Will be visiting Best Buy later on today to take care of that task. Thanks to all who tried to help me. I appreciate it very much!!!
I agree, its not worth spending 6 hours plus doing a clean install of XP, unless you were planning on one anyway. Go buy a cheap CF card reader.

Also, if you get an error message copy it exactly and do a search in google for that phrase. Somebody will have an answer there. - you can go to "downloads," drivers, updates, etc. that might help resolve your issue. Sometimes, there are firmware updates to these models. Also, one tip... just before you install your software, turn OFF any internet connections, and then, turn OFF any antivirus or firewall you're running. Don't worry - as long as you remember to turn the antivirus and firewall back ON before connecting to the internet or a network, your files should be protected. Sometimes, Norton prevents some scripts from being written for the computer to recognize the camera properly.

Good luck!
Buying a CF reader card yielded the same results as the camera did. It will not recognize it at all. I tried the removable storage tip that Greg gave me. It was disabled but enabling it did nothing. The found new hardware wizard pops up when I plug the CF reader in and nothing I do will get it to start working. This card reader came with a CD but XP does not need drivers off the CD for it to run. I'm really getting pissed and frustrated now.
Have you tried alternate USB ports on the desktop? Do other USB devices work on this computer? Could be the USB port itself. ???
Tried all USB ports and nothing. But, finally got it to working and this is what I did. Found out that USBSTOR.SYS has a lot to do with a computer recognizing USB devices. Located the USBSTOR.SYS file on my computer which was (C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers) and when the hardware wizard asked if I wanted to locate the file myself, I just pasted the location of the USBSTOR.SYS file and woohoo it worked. Why the computer would not automatically recognize the CF reader or camera is beyond me but at least it works now!!!!

Again, thank you all for the tips and advice. I really appreciate your responses to this thread!!!
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