Help, Z1 is now not being recognized by computer

Bill Hark

Jan 13, 2004
Richmond Virginia
I am using a Sony laptop with Windows XP and Adobe Premiere Pro. I have had no difficulty capturing Sd video output from the Z1 and video from my Cannon HV20. Today, at point the computer froze and I had to pull the battery and restart it. It was working fine. I later tried to start Premiere Pro and received an error message that there had been changes made to the computer and the program would have to reauthenticate before I could use it. Photoshop did the same thing, connected with the internet and started working. Unfortunately, when I connect my Z1, I get device is offline when I try to capture video. When I plug the Z1 in, I do here the little tone that occurs when something is connected but then it acts like nothing is connected. Same thing with windows moviemaker.

The computer does recognize and capture video from my Cannon HV20. I can also copy video from the Z1 to the HV20 by firewire so I know the Z1 firewire port is working. I ran a virus scan, no viruses. I also checked for updates to the firewire driver and there were none. I don't have the reset feature to go back to an earlier configuration. There were also no recent windows updates. I've tried restarting on several occasions, same thinbg. Any ideas?

Bill Hark