Making a 64 bit Windows 7 Chase Setup

Jul 9, 2004
Austin, TX
As most of you already know, Delorme *will not* support Windows 7 64 bit for their LT Line of USB GPS receivers. They have also stated that they will NEVER support their serial emulation driver in a 64 bit environment.

If you're wanting to upgrade from XP to 64 bit Windows 7 you will need a GPS receiver that has a 64 bit driver. I chose to use the Globesat BU-353. As a side note, the BU-353 uses a SiRF Star III chipset. This GPS will lock much, much faster than Delorme's GPS receivers.

Here are the instructions that you need to setup the 64 bit Windows 7 chase setup.


*64 bit Windows 7 machine ( I actually use a Core2Duo Macbook with bootcamp partition).
*Globesat BU-353 GPS Reveiver
*Franson GPSGate
*GRlevel3 (and/or your favorite radar program, WxWorkx, etc)
*StreetAtlas (or your favorite street program)
*SpotterNetwork Client (if you use this)


*Install your software - e.g. GRLevel3, StreetAtlas, WxWorx, SpotterNetwork, etc.
*Install your driver for the Globesat BU-353 NOTE: When you install this driver there is a small workaround to get this to work in Windows7. When you download the driver you will also get the file "GPSInfo Note for Win7_Vista.pdf" Follow these instructions and do this step.
*Install Franson GPSGate NOTE: You will have to perform the following steps to get Franson GPSGate working in 64bit Windows7:

[FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica]GpsGate for 64-bit / x64 Vista and Windows 7

If you use 64-bit Vista please follow those steps.
(If you are unsure, simply install GpsGate normally first, if Virtual ports does not work - follow those steps)

1. Install GpsGate for Windows 2.6 build 340 (or later)

2. After installation copy the file
C:\Program Files (x86)\Franson\GpsGate 2.0\x64\bizVSerialNT.sys
to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers

3. Exit GpsGate (if running)

4. Run GpsGate as Administrator once. (Right click on the GpsGate icon in the Start Menu and select "Run as administrator")

Now the 64-bit driver is installed. You can exit GpsGate and run it as a normal user.

[/FONT]Now that you have everything installed, you can assign COM ports to the programs that need GPS data input. You will have approximately 5 COM ports pre-assigned and ready by GPSGate.

To use the SpotterNetwork Client, you will need to make a new NMEA output COM port with GPSGate. Open GPSGate Settings, Click the output tab, and click ADD. Then create an "(All NMEA) NEMA filter output COM port. Assign this com port to the SpotterNetwork Client. Other COM ports can be assigned to GRLevel3, StreetAtlas, WxWorx, etc. as needed.

I hope this helps out.
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Similar setup here. Love the USGlobalSat GPS puck (very responsive). Still wish they'd fix GPSGate to avoid that strange install & driver copy kludge, but it does work.

Using StormLab 4.1 beta here, which eliminates the need for the SN client as well (built into the software), and with the right shapefiles, also eliminates the need for a secondary mapping program (although I still do use Streets and Trips).

I'm elated with the performance of the Globesat BU-353. It puts the standard DeLorme solution to shame and works with other programs through GpsGate like WinXP did. With respect to Win7/64bit upgrade, GpsGate was the only issue and Globesat + their software setup solved that for just $39.

The only downside is sometimes I have to reinitialize GpsGate upon boot up. I find that it's picked a different set of COM-ports which confuses GRLevelX and Threatnet. Thus I don't get tracking until I match COM-ports. I have my 4 USB ports color coded to specific input, but it still happens sometimes.
The issue that I've been having (and haven't had the time to work on it) is that after Hibernation, I lose the GPS. I'm not sure if it's my Garmin USB driver or GpsGate bu I have to restart to fix. (sigh)
Including my Sprint USB 597 card these are the COMports that I find are the only ones that work for all equipment:

COM2 SpotterNetwork
COM5 Sprint
COM6 Sprint
COM7 GRlevel3
COM8 DeLorme Street Atlas
COM9 Sprint NMEA (onboard GPS with datacard)

I always restart the computer before a chase (it can be days between restarts/shutdowns otherwise). Upon start-up, I always start with plugging in the datacard from sprint, which picks it's own COMports for it's various elements. Then I start GPSgate via the "Run as Administrator" function...then I can start the other programs. If I don't follow that order, I can only get one thing to use the GPS even with GPSgate.

Not sure if anyone else has had similar or the same issue, but figured I'd share.
Glad to see this thread as I was literally about to post a thread about the same situation. Anyone know of where I could purchase the Globesat BU-353 GPS Receiver locally? I will buy it online if I have to but just want to make sure I get it this week.

EDIT: Have noticed Sears carries it so I'm sure I'll have no problem finding it around here. Thanks again David for the info on this GPS receiver, I see your from Austin which is where I'm actually heading this weekend.
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I have been using a Delorme BT-20 for a couple of years now, which may be similiar to the LT-20. When I upgraded to 64-bit for work, I wound up finding a program VPSE by Eterlogic; . I can use my puck either via Bluetooth or USB while running the emulator without a problem at all. Have never lost connection either. You can buy it for 25 bucks or just keep clicking the warning boxes prompting you to buy it if you want. It was just a solution I found that works great with my free puck I got, I can run GRLevel3, SN, Streets and trips all without ever having a problem with the GPS dropping
Sent you a PM back. Hope it works on LT-40. don't see why it wouldn't as I use my BT-20 via USB always
My new computer has Win7 64, I have seen issues with my Garmin GPS causing the blue screen of death. Changed drivers but never solved the issue. Read what you guys had to say on the Global Stat BU353 and ordered one. I was downloading the drivers in the house today and pluged it in, incredible lock speed inside. I can not wait to fire it up outside..............Thanks
Just wanted to say I have received my Global Stat BU353 and have installed drivers along with GPS Gate and it is running SN, GR and Delorme Maps perfectly. Thanks again David for the tip, made things much easier for me.
The GlobalStat puck along with GPS Gate is allowing GR3,GR2 and Streets and Trips along with SN to work on my system. I am real pleased with its accuracy and speed. I almost forgot it is running the gps on Barons Threat Net............
I too received my BU-353 a few days ago and am impressed with its quick response and locking. Quite the flurry of orders, eh? GPSgate seems to do the trick for app sharing. Just need to do the vehicle install, following my Sat Radio wires. Figure the end of the USB cable can live under the passenger seat... no more yellow box on the dashboard with the annoying blinking LED and suction cup-shaped saliva blobs on my windshield! :)