HD cam for under $800 may not last long

That is strange. A little insider's secret - due to competition and the internet, retailers' profit margins on most electronic items are miniscule these days. The prices you see on most cameras and electronics stuff is not very far from the wholesale price. Whenever you see a price that is hundreds less than everyone else, something is fishy - it means they are likely selling it at or below wholesale and would not be making money on it if it was a legit sale. And so, this usually screams 'scam'. I'm surprised at the offical Amazon label on that item, but scammers can do a lot of things nowadays....
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Price mistakes happen all the time . Why do you think that sites like fatwallet.com and slickdeals.net are on fire ? I didn't have to think twice about placing an order for this camera. I would have rather had the 30 gig HD model but for $799 no tax, free 2nd day ship I couldn't say no. I just hope that my uncle likes his Xmas gift :)
Im personally not too keen on this or any other Hard Drive or DVD-based recorder. It immediately compresses it to MPEG2, so if you plan on editing video, just think twice before buying this type of camera...